Are you ready for a job that makes you proud and also happy?

Whether as a real estate office operator, real estate agent or in the commercial field: At RE/MAX you will find exactly the professional opportunity that suits you.

Take a look at our current vacancies. You can expect varied tasks, a friendly network and appreciation of your work - all this and much more is waiting for you at RE/MAX!


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You will attend our RE/MAX Academy, which takes place on average 2 days per week. There you will learn all the necessary expertise you need to be successful in the market. To ensure that you are successful in every phase of your business, we support you in the opening of your new location, offer you a brand with a strong recognition value and relieve you with central services and tools.

The site manager accompanies you at the beginning and familiarizes you with the whole subject area. In addition, you will attend our RE/MAX Academy, which takes place on average 2 days per week. There you will learn the necessary expertise that you need to be successful in the market.

Yes, you must have a valid employment, license or franchise agreement with RE/MAX to be approved for training.

No, training must be paid for in full before training begins.

Yes, this possibility exists.

We are looking for individuals who want to be your own boss as independent real estate marketers. Some RE/MAX locations are open for employment. You can find them on our website under job offers.

Yes, this is what we recommend. The most successful site managers in our system work in teams with several real estate agents and also assistants who have your back.

Yes, part-time work is possible, even for parents with childcare. However, a substantial sideline is not desired, i.e. you cannot continue in your old job and only work a small stint for RE/MAX.

No, acquisition is one of the main tasks of real estate agents. You will learn all the know-how in our RE/MAX Academy. RE/MAX accompanies you on your way and helps you to reach your personal goals.

No, there is no territory protection.

At most locations, this is a mix of fixed and variable salary components. You can clarify the exact details during a further discussion at a specific location.

This varies greatly. Among all real estate agents, the average is about 6 months. The larger your network, perseverance, time commitment and market activities, the faster you will get closer to your goal.

You should be able to finance the living costs for at least 6 months yourself. These vary for each person depending on their standard of living and can range from CHF 30,000 to CHF 100,000. Site managers should allow for additional investment costs of approximately CHF 100,000 for license fees, office equipment and marketing costs.