Why use a real estate agent?

Post from 08.07.2021

From the overload of information to be processed to the feeling of being trapped by inexperience, it is better to leave certain things to professionals.

10 Reasons Why You Need To Hire An Agent

1 For their local knowledge ...

As a local expert, they are familiar with the main selling points of their neighborhood - from schools and parks to commuting. They can help you understand property values, taxes, utility costs, municipal services and even local planning laws.

2 ... and their global network

A RE/MAX agent as part of the world's leading real estate network, benefits from a large healthy international network. Thanks to that large community of experts, your agent can provide you with detailed knowledge of market conditions, As well as put you in touch with external expert contractors, such as loan brokers, lawyers, appraisers, constructors, decorators. and much more.

3 Experience that works ...

Most agents buy and sell more homes each year than a client will in a whole lifetime, so they can make sure you avoid the pitfalls that beginners often stumble upon. Agent’s handle these same contracts every day, so they can help you complete the paperwork you need, easily and efficiently.

4 ... and the expertise to go further

From publicity and hosting a open house to the preparation of strategic solutions for your property, repairs and the staging of professional quality photos. Agents also know how to develop a marketing plan that highlights your property.

5 A foot in the past...

Agents study market history and analyze this data. With a good understanding of market conditions in the past, you will be better equipped to take the right decisions for your property in the present.

6 ... to be ready for tomorrow

An agent will be the first person to know when a house that meets your criteria arrives on the market. And having an agent can help you act quickly. You don't want to miss your dream home because someone who was more intune with market saw it first!

7 Your guardian angel ...

Buying or selling a home is hard enough, you need someone by your side to look after your interests and support you through this complicated and at times emotional process.

8 ... a devil of a negotiator

Agents are also skilled negotiators, trained to best represent your interests. When the time comes to close the deal, your agent can have those tough conversations and take matters into their own hands, so you don't have to. You get a good deal without having to be the bad guy.

9 Save you time ...

You work full time and your to-do list never stops. You can't spend the whole day on the phone to find properties to see, or leave work in the middle of the day to visit your home. But an agent can adapt to your schedule to meet with you when you are free. And they can show around your home even when you're not there!

10 ... and money

Not only does an agent save you time and energy. Whether you buy or sell, you will have more money in your pocket by hiring an agent. Everybody wins.

In the end, the most important benefits of working with an agent are simple. It gives you peace of mind and eliminates all the worries of buying or selling a home. - This allows you to focus on what you need to do - to prepare your family for a major move.

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