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Successfully advised! What our customers say:

"From A-Z everything was great. We were very satisfied. From the very beginning everything was just right: advice, setting up the documentation, regular feedback/info up to the execution of the entire sale including all preparations with the land registry. Many, many thanks Mr. Güdel."

Mr. and Mrs. Thoma, condominium, Goldach SG

"We are extremely satisfied with Mr. Güdel and we will certainly work with him again."

Dr. S. Garaffa, residential and commercial building, Rorschacherberg SG

"Mr. Güdel was very proactive in the sale and was very determined. We are satisfied."

S. Näf, condominium, Goldach SG

"Mr. Güdel handled the sale in a professional manner and won the trust of the customer by providing credible information. Many thanks!"

V. and F. Falk, single family home, Rheineck SG

"The sales documentation was very professionally prepared. The advice was always super."

K. Besold, single-family house, Rorschacherberg SG

"Mr. Güdel was very committed to our wishes. The preparations for the prescription and the notary were expeditious and satisfactory. Good professional work."

S. Kern, condominium, Goldach SG

"We are very satisfied with Mr. Güdel. He was able to sell our apartment building in the municipality of Teufen at the agreed sales price in a very short time. The marketing was very professionally created and successfully implemented. Marketing appearance, sympathy, competence, trust and expertise were right from the start. Mr. Güdel is definitely worth recommending."

Dr. S. Mijatovic, apartment building, Lustmühle AR

"Mr. Güdel accompanied us in the purchase of an apartment building. His appearance and commitment is above average. Every open question was answered and even clarifications that were not part of his tasks were answered professionally and without discussion. Inquiries were answered within the shortest possible time. From my experience with this purchase, I am very happy to recommend Mr. Güdel."

S. Zuberbühler, apartment building, Lustmühle AR

"Many thanks! Mr. Güdel sold everything very well, everything solved in the best way!

E. Rubin, single family house, Oberriet SG

"Mr. Güdel worked and behaved very professionally and courteously. He completed all orders expeditiously and to our complete satisfaction. Our apartment was sold in no time, all formalities were taken care of by Mr. Güdel, thank you very much for everything. All the best for the future."

T. and J. Mayer, Attic apartment, Goldach SG

We were very satisfied. Extremely reliable, competent and responsible."

M. and J. Müller, single-family house, Rehetobel AR

"Very friendly and competent contact. Proactive, helpful and solution-oriented. Exemplary behavior and compliance with all agreements made. In writing, as well as verbally. Keep it up!"

O. and D. Arnaut, single-family house, St. Margrethen SG

"Mr. Güdel is extremely competent! Always there when you have questions! He gives security and confidence!"

R. Truniger, single-family house, Unterrindal (Lütisburg) SG

"Friendly and competent support. Proactive coordination between all parties (seller, buyer and banks). High reliability of compliance with the agreements."

C. and P. Reig, single-family house, Rheineck SG

"I would always buy a house again with RE/MAX"

D. Eugster, single family house with workshop, Neukirch (Egnach) TG

"Mr. Güdel was recommended to us by Mr. Mayer. In contrast to a competitor, Mr. Güdel always stayed on the ball even during a break of several months on our part. We got to know Mr. Güdel as a very pleasant contractual partner. He advised us competently, seriously and purposefully and successfully handled the sale of our apartment. We can recommend him at any time.

D. and P. Trümpi, condominium, Goldach SG

"Super performance - top property documentation electronically as printed!"

R. Bättig, single-family house, Goldach SG

"Fair and targeted house sale. Good and professional marketing led to good prospective buyers and successful sale."

S. and C. Dudler, single-family house, Goldach SG

"From the consultation to the sale of the home, Mr. Güdel fully met our expectations. We were very satisfied."

I. Balsiger, condominium, St. Gallen SG

"Courteous, understanding and sudden changes excluded."

W. Schiwy, single-family house, Thal SG

"Very quick and reliable answers. Good mediation between seller and buyer. Many thanks Mr. Güdel! The children are happy."

S. Kaufmann, condominium, Balgach SG

"Mr. Güdel is reliable, friendly and was always confident. Thank you!"

G. Roth, apartment building, Waldkirch SG

"We were completely satisfied from the 1st contact to the sale. Competent, goal-oriented, honest, expeditious are just a few characteristics that apply to Mr. Güdel."

E. and W. Zeller, condominium, Goldach SG

"Everything was very competent!"

B. Locher, apartment building, Rorschach SG

"Very good information about the status of the sale of the property. Fast and very good handling of the sale. Many thanks - we were very satisfied!"

B. and T. Hafner, multi-family house, Rorschach SG

"Dear Mr. Güdel, you are top! I don't know what you could do better. Competent, honest, business-minded and friendly. That's how I would describe the business relationship with Mr. Güdel."

  1. Nievergelt, apartment building, Rorschach SG

"Many thanks for the friendly, pleasant and competent cooperation."

S. and A. Koch, single-family house, Goldach SG

"Friendly and nice. There for us at all times. Sensitive."

  1. Seif, single-family house, Staad SG

"My expectations regarding professionalism were high from the beginning. These expectations were even exceeded: Very good communication, prompt and customer-oriented. Great transparency and reality-based advice created great trust. The cooperation was accordingly pleasant and always goal-oriented: A perfect service!"

J. Scherrer, building land with two-family house, Gams SG

"REMAX designed an attractive and high-quality property presentation. The visual view of the house was excellent. Mr. Güdel was very competent and friendly. A professional accompaniment from the initial viewing to the notary appointment."

  1. Schenk and M. Pozsar, single-family house, Salmsach TG

"Mr. Güdel supported us perfectly during the purchase as well as the sale. Mr. Güdel knows the market environment extremely well, is very professional and everything was organized and handled to our complete satisfaction. If you want to buy or successfully sell a property, I can highly recommend Mr. Güdel."

P. Kühnis, single family home, Thal SG

"The purchase transaction with Mr. Güdel went flawlessly. He was always available for questions or ambiguities and always answered quickly. We particularly liked the detailed presentation and documentation of the object of purchase. The 360 degree view of the apartment was a super tool for us."

M. and V. Batsilas, condominium, Arbon TG

"Very nice and competent. Excellent preparation of the dossier."

M. Kellenberger, single-family house, Degersheim SG

"Mr. Güdel supported us in a very friendly and professional manner from the beginning to the end and did his job to our complete satisfaction. He responded quickly to our concerns and provided very good advice. We can only recommend him."

G. Hohl, single-family house, Goldach SG

"Absolutely top. Mr. Güdel was very professional and always available. For every problem there was immediately a solution. During viewings a lot of time was taken and he knew the house like his own. The contractual things were prepared easily and without much effort for buyer and seller. Even after the purchase, Mr. Güdel is always available for any question. Conclusion: simply perfect. Thank you."

M. Barth, Villa, Rorschacherberg SG

"Mr. Güdel found a buyer for our property within a very short time. We very much appreciated his professional and transparent efforts!"

D. and F. Müller, Villa, Rorschacherberg SG

"Very nice contact, always quick feedback. Competent advice. We felt in good hands and found a great property. We were also closely accompanied during the purchase process and are grateful to REMAX Immobilien Rorschach for everything! Great also the beautiful documentation of the house as well as the 360 degree online view, with which you can "walk around" the house in advance!"

J. Linke, single family home, Thal SG

"The cooperation with Mr. Güdel was to our complete satisfaction. With his expert knowledge, we were able to sell our property at market value within a very short time. We were very well advised and always informed promptly about the next steps. We can definitely recommend RE/MAX Rorschach."

E. Minova, condominium, Rorschach SG

"Competent advice. Constant information about the sale of the apartment purchase. Very eager to move forward with the purchase. Very reliable and trustworthy."

E. and M. Bischof, condominium, Rorschach SG

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