5 tips on how to prepare your property for sale

Article from 30.08.2021

Having to prepare your property for sale may seem an immense task, however, it is inevitable. Try viewing your property through the eyes of potential buyers and analyze it before putting it on the market: What should you take care of and what is negligible? The following article deals with five areas that need to be addressed in order to get your property fit for sale.


Preparing your property for viewings

1. Your property’s layout

A building’s respectively apartment’s layout including installations is one of the main points of interest for any potential buyer. The most common questions asked include: “How old is the geyser?”, “How thick are the walls?”, “How energy efficient are the windows?”, and “How old is the roof?”. It is your job as a seller to smooth away any fears and doubts without being dishonest. Generally speaking, it should not be necessary to recondition all of your property’s structural and mechanical aspects. However, should one of the major aspects such as water, electrics, windows, walls, floor or heating pose a risk, it is high time to address the issue and get it fixed. A fully functioning property along with invoices as proof for recent - and older - repair works is the best basis to gain a potential buyer’s trust, thus increasing the chances to successfully close the deal.


2. Optimizing the appearance

The first impression counts - this is also true in terms of real estate. It is not that difficult to update a property’s appearance in order to impress potential buyers. Often, it is enough for potential buyers to realize that you have put some effort into making your property as homely as possible. Keep appearances as neutral as possible if you want to attract serious interest. Potential buyers should be able to visualize their own furnishings so the most important thing is to highlight the potential of every room.


Before we start talking about interiors you should draw attention to the entrance area. After all, this is your property’s “business card”, especially when you are trying to sell an apartment. It is the first thing any potential buyer will see from their new home, which is why the entrance is of particular importance. Most buyers will want to find an entrance that is clean, modern and, above all, safe and secure. Make sure you can present such a door by cleaning it and giving it a fresh lick of paint or replacing it - anything to make sure it will be to the visitors’ liking. And don’t forget to remove the current inhabitants’ names or any decoration adorning the entrance area.


Depending on the property’s state it may pay off to hire a painter to add fresh paint to the walls. In terms of color it is best to go with classical white. White walls look fresh and the buyer can easily cover it with another color. Check the lighting and all switches before a viewing. It is relatively easy and inexpensive to renew lighting for a sale. Again, it is best to go with a modern yet neutral design.


3. The kitchen

The kitchen is at the heart of any property. It can be the one thing making or breaking a deal. Obviously, different buyers have different expectations. Some of the most frequent questions are: “Is the kitchen big enough?” “Are there enough surface areas, cabinets and countertops?”, “Is there space for my microwave?”, “Is there enough space for a dining table?”, “Is it possible to cook with several people present in the kitchen?”, “Appliances of which brand have been installed?”.

We have several recommendations on how to make a relatively simple kitchen live up to potential buyers’ demands. Give your cabinets a modern and practical appearance. This can add to a comfortable atmosphere. But to begin with, you should clean all surfaces and make sure they are not cluttered. Add a few individual accents - a pot with fresh herbs, clean and colorful tea towels or a bowl containing fresh fruit.


4. The bathroom

The bathroom is surprisingly uncomplicated when it comes to selling a property. Most buyers value three things: Cleanliness, space and functionality. Obviously you cannot change your bathroom’s size but you can make sure that seams and fittings are sparkling clean, and you can replace the shower head if needed. A fresh lick of paint, clean mirrors and replacing broken tiles all enhance your bathroom and make it look brighter and friendlier.  Make sure to fix any heating or installation issues prior to the first viewing.


5. The floor

The changes having the most impact are often the least obvious ones: Pay particular attention to the floor as its condition (along with functioning fixtures) can create real added value in the heads of potential buyers. Depending on the current state of your property’s floor, you should put more or less work into it to make sure it looks as good as new. Laminate flooring for instance is relatively cheap and can be installed easily and without help. A new floor can lend a completely new look to a room and ultimately be the one feature the buyers are looking for.


An extra tip to add a special touch to your property’s presentation

It is not that easy to prepare a house for sale and to find the ideal contractors for smaller repair jobs. Knowing how to market and present a property in the best light possible, and to finally choose the right buyer, can be challenging for anyone, even for real doers used to dealing with DIY projects. A RE/MAX agent is only a phone call away and he/she can be the answer to all your problems, offering expertise and an all-inclusive service. Real estate experts make sure your property is ideally prepared for sale and will present a comprehensive marketing plan. They have professional tools like 360-degree digital photography, videography and virtual viewings at their disposal to facilitate a property’s sale and to offer you peace of mind. The experts will narrow down the choices of potential buyers and help you prepare the sale contract. They can recommend contractors as well as moving companies and will follow up once the sale has gone through. In addition, RE/MAX agents have access to a worldwide network consisting of 140,000 RE/MAX agents that support each other. This is why you should not hesitate to contact your regional RE/MAX agent when toying with the idea of selling your property. Convince yourself of the difference it makes when selling your property with the support of the world’s most renowned real estate brand.

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