“Best Office of the Month” for May goes to RE/MAX Excellence in Epalinges.

Article from 07.06.2020
“Best Office of the Month” for May goes to RE/MAX Excellence in Epalinges.
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The work in May was characterized by Covid-19 and the associated hygiene guidelines. The real estate agency RE/MAX Excellence has demonstrated flexibility and continued to offer its customers the usual service. This effort was rewarded with 11 sales and the appointment as "Best Office of the Month". RE/MAX Switzerland met the team in Epalinges for an interview.


An interview with RE/MAX Excellence

What does the Best Office of the Month award that you received in May mean for you?

The "Best office" award is a great honor for us and we are very happy about it!

What went particularly well in May? How did you manage to assert yourself against the other RE/MAX branches?

Despite Covid-19, we continued to work as normal - of course with all the prescribed precautionary measures. Most of the notary work was therefore carried out at a distance. However, since most of the other real estate agencies in the area were less active, this gave us a small lead and we used it to our advantage. In the end, we sold very well, namely a total of 11 properties.


RE/MAX Switzerland provides its franchise partners with a wide range of tools. Which tool is particularly helpful in your success?

All the tools RE/MAX provides us with help us to be successful. Thanks to the Marketing Center, we have wonderful sales brochures that delight buyers and sellers again and again because they represent the real estate in the best light. Thanks to the FSBO finder, we can contact new private sellers within a very short time and offer them our help to sell their property.


What 3 tips would you give to a franchise partner who is new to the real estate market with a real estate agency?

1. Don't look too much at how and what the others are doing. Instead, go your own way - like a horse with blinders. always do your best!

2. Always stay positive, whatever happens.

3. Think big!


At RE/MAX, continuous training is an important success factor in order to be able to advise customers optimally. In what area do you specialize in? Where are you absolute experts?

In our team, which consists of nine brokers, we have a specialist for almost every type of property. Therefore, we complement each other very well. Our greatest strength is our teamwork.


Was there a customer contact in May that you particularly remembered?

We had a lot of special moments with our customers during the Covid 19 period. Most of the buyers and sellers were just grateful and glad that not everything had stopped and that we were still there for them. We will definitely think back on this time for many years to come.


What makes you unique as a team?

Our team spirit is great! We work a lot and focus. But we also laugh a lot together and really just get along very well.


What do you wish for in the future?

That we continue to do a good job and that our customers are satisfied with our service. And of course we also hope that we all stay healthy and a great united team!

Direct contact with the most successful real estate office in Epalinges

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RE/MAX Excellence
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