Brokers: how you can stay in touch with your network

Article from 14.04.2020

Fear grows in isolation. During tough transactions, we often coach our agents that the best way to fight fear is to keep their clients informed and connected. The same is true for us. Now is the time to be reaching out with education, encouragement, and information. In times like these, it can be difficult to know what to say. We’ve complied some suggestions below to help you reach out and provide leadership and information.


Your agents need to hear from you. The best way to calm uncertainty is to over-communicate. Many brokers and managers are making daily calls to their agents to check in, coach, and encourage them to stay positive and focused. Hold regular team meetings via video chat to discuss solutions and help them stay accountable. Share success stories, be silly and provide a sense of community. One-on-one coaching calls can also be helpful to help agents focus on skills and goals. Now is a good time for them to be preparing their plans so they can be ready when it’s time to get back to work.


Just because times are uncertain, don’t stop calling your recruiting prospects. It’s more important than ever to keep communication flowing. Talk to them about what they are learning and focusing on. Encourage them to time block and work on their skills. Show them the leadership and mentoring they can expect if they decide to join your company.


Our clients need and want details. When things are uncertain, details become even more important. Facts and clarity are critical. Let them know what they can expect. What should they be doing right now? Ask them how you can best help – and listen to their answers. Reassure them that you will continue to communicate, even if there is nothing new to share.

Suppliers and Vendors

Don’t forget to reach out to your partners in this business. The suppliers and vendors that you work with every day - builders, trades people, bankers, local business owners, printers, etc. They are likely also feeling the pain of lost business. It’s enough to simply reach to out to thank them for their services and let them you know you are looking forward to working with them again. Or, ask them how you can help them, collaborate with them to help the agents, or provide assistance in the community.


Don’t worry about communicating too much. People want and need to feel connected and informed. Now is the perfect time to make those phone calls, schedule virtual face time, send texts, or write those emails. A leader is the person that sets the pace, not the one who follows it.


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