Change of address: Moving checklist

Article from 27.05.2021
Change of address: Moving checklist

Most moves are arduous and nerve-wracking. Even though moving into a new home may be exciting, it also causes a lot of work. The better you plan your move, the less stressful it will be. It’s important not to forget to inform insurance companies, administrative bodies etc of your change of address. In order to make things easier for you and to prevent potential hassles, RE/MAX Switzerland has compiled a checklist for you.

The most important changes of address before the move

  • Mail: Informing your mail carrier of your change of address should be at the top of your list. It is best to file a change-of-address order (available from CHF 30), to make sure your mail is forwarded to the new address for a year. This is to ensure that no important mail gets lost in case you forgot to inform others of your change of address (e.g. for private communication). Many people don’t know that mail carriers offer an extra service where they inform banks, insurance companies and health insurers of any changes of address.
  • Insurance companies and banks: In case you prefer to inform your most important business partners of your move yourself, it is important to first communicate your new address to all insurance companies you are dealing with. This includes health insurance, liability insurance, car insurance, household insurance, pet insurance etc. Remember that a change in address can also cause a change in terms of insurance premiums. Your residence as well as the property size can impact the amount insured. Furthermore, you should communicate your change of address to all financial institutions you are dealing with - be it for accounts or loans.
  • Energy suppliers and telecommunications: In order to make sure you won’t keep paying the new tenant’s or the acquiring party’s utility bills you should contact all energy suppliers to let them know you are moving respectively to give notice of departure. Many providers offer an online option to do so. Additionally, you should also contact your telecommunications provider (phone, internet) and change your address on if need be.
  • Others: Depending on your familial situation you may have to communicate your change of address to other institutions such as schools, kindergartens, day care centers, sports clubs etc.  Furthermore, newspaper and other subscriptions (e.g for fresh fruit and veg supplies) should be forwarded or canceled. 

Contact the follwoing no later than once you have moved

  • Residents’ registration office: You’ll have to give notice of departure at your old municipality of residence and present the so-called “Heimatschein” (certification of family origin) for registration at your new municipality. This has to happen no later than two weeks after moving. Some municipalities offer an online service to do so. The new municipality will automatically inform “Serafe” (for radio and TV fees) regarding your change of address.
  • Dogs: Since dogs are taxable you will need to deregister/register any dogs you own. 
  • Employer: You should not forget to inform your employer regarding your new address in case your change of address does not involve a change of employer.
  • AHV-Ausgleichskasse (compulsory social insurance scheme): In case you are retired or self-employed, you are required to communicate your change of address to the compulsory Swiss social insurance scheme, the AHV-Ausgleichskasse.
  • Department of transportation: As soon as you are moving to another canton and you own a vehicle (car, motorbike, scooter), you require new license plates. Any change of address has to be communicated within two weeks. In case you move within the same canton, you only have to inform the authorities regarding your new address.
  • Army, community service: As a person liable to military service you are obliged to communicate your change of address to either your head of section or the detachment concerned within fourteen days of moving. In case you are performing community service, you can enter your changes online on E-Zivi-Portal.
  • Private contacts: Even though your private circle will most likely find out about your change of address rather quickly, you should make certain to inform all of your private contacts by sending a circular email with your new contact details.


As you can see, there are many things to consider in connection with a change of address. With this list, we at RE/MAX Switzerland hope to offer some support, and we wish you all the best at your new home!


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