Corinne Lehmann - Best Agent April 2022

Article from 25.05.2022
Corinne Lehmann

“Being a self-employed entrepreneur requires self-motivation, a high degree of commitment and the willingness to go the ‘extra mile’”, says Corinne Lehmann, based at RE/MAX real estate Belp. Yet again she has proven to possess these qualities. For the fourth time in 2.5 years the successful real estate agent has been able to beat the competition and was awarded the title of Best Agent of the Month. Over the years, Corinne Lehmann has established an extensive customer base, which means she does not have to advertise newly listed property any longer. Read the following interview with RE/MAX Switzerland if you want to know how you can find out about these properties in the metropolitan area of Bern.


The interview with Corinne Lehmann


Once again you have snatched the title of Best Agent of the Month. What went particularly well in April?

It is true - it is the fourth time now that I have been awarded this title within the last 2½ years. At the turn of the year I have been assigned with a number of new contracts, all of which have been certified recently. And even as we speak I have a lot of things on the go … 


What sets you apart from other real estate agents?

I am a very empathetic, open and outgoing person, which is probably true for most people in our industry. What probably sets me apart is that I always approach customer meetings in an easy-going rather than an eager manner. If a property owner decides to work with me, it makes me happy; however, if they decide against it, then that’s okay too. Having confidence helps too, and it is what makes me succeed most of the time. I also hear from a lot of potential buyers that my documentation is extremely detailed, which helps them get an ideal and realistic idea of the property.


Why have you chosen to work with RE/MAX?

I have been with RE/MAX, one of the world’s leading and most renowned brands, for 7½ years now. In our area, all real estate agents work as self-employed entrepreneurs. This offers me a certain scope to work independently. Furthermore, I profit from our leadership – trends and challenges as well as new tools are offered to me proactively so that I can focus on my agent’s tasks and duties.


What are the skills that a real estate agent should command in order to be successful?

First and foremost, an agent has to be interested in and open to working with people. Another thing that is vital is having a feeling for customers as well as properties, while at the same time administrativen tasks should not be underestimated. I think it is important to set priorities and be well organised. Self-employed entrepreneurship requires self-motivation, a high degree of commitment and the willingness to go the “extra mile”.


Tell us about how you perceive the current real estate market in your region?

Life has become more dynamic; property sellers are not only selling their property once it “is too late” but in reaction to (new) requirements. Another thing that has changed in the last few years: Sellers have high expectations with regards to price - at times they are simply unrealistic. On the other hand the desire for home-ownership has further increased, and I don’t expect this trend to change, irrespective of the steep price hike for building materials as well as increased energy costs and home mortgage interest rates.


What’s your advice for people looking to buy property in the current situation?

If you are permanently annoyed with your current living situation (for instance if the apartment is too small to permanently house family and/or home office), it would probably make sense to find a new rental apartment. It requires mental strength, luck and, above all, a lot of time, to find an appropriate property (and to win the bid). Thanks to my many years as a real estate agent, my customer base has grown exponentially, which is why I don’t publicly advertise sought-after properties any longer and why my advice is to sign up for my newsletter (on my website) and to additionally advertise your interest on  


Corinne Lehmann – real estate agent with a passion

Corinne Lehmann supports her customers in any way she can and offers competent advice all the way to successfully closing the deal, irrespective of whether yo wish to sell or buy property. Not only has she been awarded the title Best Agent of the Month in Switzerland several times but managed to bag the title of Best Agent in Europe in May last year. Apart from expertise, she puts an emphasis on trust and open communication. If you would like to sign up for Corinne Lehmann’s newsletter in order not to miss any new property listings in the metropolitan area of Bern, you can do so on her website:


Corinne Lehmann

Phone: +41 31 333 19 19
Mobile: +41 79 479 42 79


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