Corinne Lehmann - Best Agent in May

Article from 22.06.2021
Corinne Lehmann – Best Agent im May

Anyone getting voted Best Agent of the Month for the third time in 1.5 years is certainly doing something right, especially considering the fact that there is a lot of strong competition. Corinne Lehmann from RE/MAX Immobilien Belp was awarded with the prestigious title last May - and not for the first time. The real estate agent is happy to go the extra mile for her customers. The effort she puts in pays off and her customers are happily recommending her: Corinne Lehmann generates the majority of her business through referrals. In the following interview she tells us what benefits she sees in working with RE/MAX.


The interview with Corinne Lehmann

Corinne, you have been awarded the title “Best Agent of the Month” for the month of May. What does this award mean to you?
It’s the third time I have been awarded this title in 1.5 years and it makes me happy, proud and satisfied - in short, I feel really honored.


What sets you apart from other agents?

I am a very empathetic, open and outgoing person - but I think that probably applies to pretty much everyone in our industry. What may set me apart is that I always have an open approach and am never too eager when meeting with customers. If, after an initial meeting, a seller wants to work with me, I am happy; if not, then not - that’s okay too. Thanks to the right amount of self-confidence I usually succeed in winning a customer’s trust though.


Why have you decided to become a real estate agent?

I was tempted by the possibility to be self-employed. I have been working in sales, marketing and HR for 30 years now, and I  have always had a keen interest in how we live. This colorful mix is perfect for me. I can truly say that I have found my “professional home”. One of the things I really enjoy about being a real estate agent is the fact that I learn something new all the time. I like being able to constantly further myself. No two mandates are the same. Each mandate has its own dynamics and challenges me in its own way.


Why are you working with RE/MAX?

RE/MAX is a globally renowned, strong brand. I appreciate the network and my colleagues – and an exchange of experiences is very important for me. I am glad RE/MAX Switzerland cares about certain standards and quality claims. The (online) training opportunities and the tools on offer are very helpful and useful in our daily business.


How has your work been impacted by the Corona pandemic?

I am very fortunate; absolutely nothing has changed for me.


What skills do real estate agents require in order to be successful in today’s market?

First of all, as an agent you need to happy to work with people. You won’t succeed if you do not have a certain intuition for customers and their property. However, never underestimate administrative tasks either. Being able to set the right priorities and to work in a structured way is very important.


What is currently happening in your regional real estate market? Which developments do you expect for the remainder of this year?

At the moment I am selling more houses than apartments. There has been a real demand for free-standing houses for several years now and this demand has been further driven by the Corona pandemic, which also impacts the prices. As there are hardly any building plots left, I expect this trend to persist for quite a while. And as long as interest rates stay as low as they are, I do not expect a decline in demand.


What recommendations do you have for real estate owners who are thinking of selling their property?

Be careful when choosing your agent. How does an agent present your property? What is the quality like? What is the selling process like (very important!)? How does the agent keep you up to date? If you are satisfied with all of these crucial factors you can be sure to expect a satisfactory and trouble-free closing of your sale - and with the right acquiring party.


Make sure your property is put in the spotlight

If you are thinking of selling your property in and around Belp, you should contact Corinne Lehmann. She is specialized in the professional marketing of real estate - and the right marketing plays a crucial role when selling real estate. In order for you to get the best possible price for your property it is important to put it in the spotlight. Find out more by making an appointment with Corinne.


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