Don't wait too long to make the move

Article from 09.04.2021
Don't wait too long to make the move

Most older people want to stay in their own home for as long as possible. At some point there comes a time when climbing stairs becomes increasingly difficult or gardening becomes too strenuous. Thats when the time is ripe to start thinking about selling your property.


Deciding whether or not to sell your home is not usually an easy decision for most people. It depends on the individual demands and needs of the homeowner. For instance the house that you have loved for years has simply become too big, because either your children have flown the coop or you can no longer maintan the physical housework. So what can you do? Obviously you would like to stay in your house for as long as possible and, if necessary, hire or lean on professional external support.


Don't let the moment pass

One of the key considerations for your golden age should be which type of domicile offers the highest quality of life. Wanting to live in your own home, and really being able to, are two completely different things. Home owners of any age can suffer the ales of finding their home to have become uncomfortable. Gerontologists know from experience that some 80-year-olds are already in need of care, while others can still do their own housework at 90. Figures from the Federal Statistical Office show that the average age for entering a retirement or nursing home is just under 82 years old. The fact is that many people miss the right time to move to an assisted living or low maintenance apartment or home.


It is understandable that a person that has lived in a house for years, finds it difficult to leave their home. You leave a house full of memories, the familiar environment, and have to make do with much less space. Getting involved late in life in a property sale is usually a big step. Often one is afraid of changes at any age, additionally, a move can be exhausting. For most the question will arise: Will I find something new and will the residential area and neighbors suit me? Professional RE/MAX brokers know the regional real estate market very well. As a result, they are an important support source and are available to advise you in finding a new home in the right residential area.


As a rule, typically older people procrastinate a home sale as late as possible. Unfortunately the longer you delay this important step, the greater the likelihood that you will be forced to do so in a manner that is not at your pace, for example due to an illness or an accident. The decision should not depend on external factors, but on your wishes and dreams. It can also help to bring family or close friends back into your world, including them in considerations as to whether or not to sell your home. The more people involved in your decision, the better. However, there is no magic formula.


A Step Towards Liberty

There are many rational arguments in favor of selling your home in order for you to liberate yourself. Especially when you ask yourself: "What do I win out of this?" instead of "What am I losing in this?" Possible answers are: to have more time and to enjoy independence and freedom. For example, you no longer have to worry about building maintenance. With the money you get for your property, you can buy a nice rental apartment, pay off your mortgage debt, plan a trip or pursue a hobby that you have long dreamed of. Investing the money and living partly from the income or using that same income to close an income gap that you may have between pension and your previous stable income.


Experienced advice is important

It makes sense to seek advice on all of the solutions available and their particular financial consequences. Whether advice is provided by financial advisors or real estate agents, it is always important to find the best solution with the right and experienced specialists. Serious brokers such as RE/MAX calm and support homeowners with advice and action. With their extensive experience and network of relationships, RE/MAX will always ensure that the property will be sold at the best possible price. In other words selling your home can contribute to a more carefree life.


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