Five tips for a sociable Corona winter

Article from 19.12.2020

This winter, life will continue mostly at home. Due to the pandemic many people this year will miss more than ever before the regular meetings with friends and family this holiday season. Instead of being entertained at events outside, it is now time to get creative by yourself or your immediate family. Here are five tips for families, friends, couples or singles that should help to drive away the emerging winter blues..

Escape to other worlds with a book

Winter is not only the best time for an exciting book in Corona time. What could be nicer than crawling into the sofa with hot tea and a good book and immersing yourself in another world? And why not found a reading club with friends? Everyone recommends their personal favorite book. After enjoying the reading, what has been read is discussed online. If the grandparents cannot see the grandchildren at the moment, there is the possibility of reading a bedtime story to the little ones in the evening via video link.

Joint cooking evenings via group video conferencing.

The winter time is a popular cooking and baking time. Baking is fun for kids. Everyone’s imagination can run wild when designing cookie shapes. If you miss your friends, you can arrange to meet up for cooking evenings via video group call. You can cook each other's favorite recipes together. While cooking, everyday worries are discussed. After cooking, eating together is most certainly next. Toasting is also great online. It's almost as if the other person was there with you for the Holidays.

Board games instead of Netflix

Games bring a good mood and drive away boredom. Whether alone, in twos or four - there is a suitable game for every household. If you haven't had enough of the word “pandemic” you can now try to save the world and rid it of four epidemics. The nice thing about the board game “Pandemic” for two to four people is that you don’t play against each other, but rather in team cooperation you overcome. Any kind of virtual gaming at night with friends is also a good idea. How about a round of online guess who, for example?

Release happiness hormones during exercise

Sport is important in every season. In the times of Corona however it has become all the more imperative, as there is now a significant risk of staying at home and becoming stagnate. It is best to combine sport with a portion of fresh air. Why not take a bike ride or go jogging on a sunny day in winter too? Even a daily walk ensures enough exercise. On snowy and rainy days roll out the yoga mat. Yoga helps you to stay flexible and relaxed. There are many free offers to participate online. You have the feeling that you are not alone in sports. This is how you stay fit and strengthen your immune system! The positive side effect of exercise is that happiness hormones are released. We can all use some of those right about now.

Dancing in the snow.. (not literally)

Music can dispel grief and worry. Many people associate a certain piece of music with a beautiful memory. So why not play your favorite music and make new memories, by turning your living room into a dance hall? Simply move the furniture out of the way and get down with a great tune and the whole family. It's easy to implement, costs nothing and brings a lot of good Christmas Cheer.


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