Get through the winter with a mask and proper ventilation

Article from 20.12.2020

In winter, living spaces should always be ventilated regularly to prevent mold. In the times of Corona, ventilation takes on a whole new meaning.


Proper ventilation is always important during the cold season. This is especially true for the kitchen and bathrooms. In addition to warm air coming from indoor heating, there is also high humidity. Without good cross ventilation, there is a risk that dangerous mold will build up on the walls. During a pandemic, ventilation has become even more important in winter. Regular bursts of fresh air help reduce the number of virus-carrying particles in the air in your home.


Because of the risk of infection, a mask is required in many places. Masks are intended to protect the mask wearer and those around them from the corona virus. However many people are lulled into a false sense of security by the mask. Falling into a misconception that they are invulnerable with a mask. Unfortunately, studies have shown (e.g. DLR study on the suitability of everyday masks) that if several people are in a poorly ventilated room, where at least one is infected, the air can become saturated in virus-containing particles after a while leading to infection for all inhabitants of the room despite wearing a mask. Conclusion: The combination of mask and regular ventilation reduces the risk of Covid19 infection.

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