Giacinto Forastefano - Best Agent in August 2021

Article from 24.09.2021

Professional success usually goes hand in hand with one’s passion for the job. Giacinto Forastefano, owner at RE/MAX Immobilien Liestal and Gelterkinden is living proof for this claim. When he was named “Best Agent March this year, his answer to the question on how he manages to repeatedly grab the coveted award was as follows:  “I am sure it has to do with the fact that I really like my job and I am passionate about it.” There seems to be a grain of truth to that - after all, he was named best agent again only five months later. RE/MAX Switzerland has asked Giacinto Forastefano about his opinion regarding the current real estate market in the Oberbasel area.


The Interview with Giacinto Forastefano

Once again you managed to be named Best Agent of the Month - for the second time this year! What went particularly well in August?

Everything went as well as all the other months - with the exception that we had a lot of properties being notarized during the summer months.


Can you tell us about your perception of the current real estate market in the Oberbasel area?

There is an ever-increasing demand for property by people wanting to move from the city to more rural areas. At the moment we are seeing a demand that is surpassing what is available by far. However, we are very well positioned with our two offices in Liestal and Gelterkinden, which allows us to win most of the contracts in the area. We’ll always have competitors trying to “steal” existing contracts by directly contacting our customers. However, we pride ourselves in having really good relationships with all our customers so they normally don’t succeed.


In the face of ever-increasing property prices, would you advise to sell or to wait?

I would advise that people toying with the idea of selling should not wait too long before putting their property on the market. The current real estate market is really good - and it is a seller’s market.


What is the advantage of selling now that the prices are still increasing?

I believe in an old truth according to which a sparrow in one’s hand is better than a pigeon on the roof. As with any increase, you never know when it will have reached its peak. It is the same as for shares - you either sell at a good price or you risk making a loss if you wait too long.


What is your advice to people wanting to buy property in the current situation?
People wanting to buy property should contact us so we can add them to our database. At times we have the option to offer a property to our existing prospective buyers prior to it being put on the market officially. This allows them to profit from offers that have not yet been made public.


Profit from working with real estate experts

Irrespective of whether you are looking at buying or selling your property - if you are in the market for a property deal in the area of Liestal and Gelterkinden, you should contact Giacinto Forastefano. He is passionate about real estate and will assist you with his expertise in all questions regarding property. Just give it a try - the first consultation is non-committal and free of charge.


Giacinto Forastefano
Phone: +41 61 975 40 20
Mobile: +41 76 331 01 87


RE/MAX Immobilien Liestal
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