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Article from 27.04.2021
Best Agent March 2021 - Giacinto Forastefano

Giacinto Forastefano, proprietor at RE/MAX Immobilien Gelterkinden and RE/MAX Immobilien Liestal has once again managed to take home the Best Agent” award. His tireless commitment to his customers seems to be paying off. In the following interview you can find out why Giacinto Forastefano has decided to join the RE/MAX real estate agents network.


The interview with Giacinto Forastefano


You have been awarded “best agent” in March. What is your secret behind repeatedly winning this award?

It is only thanks to very focused work. In addition, it helps to stay true to one’s values. In my case those would be absolute reliability as well as trustworthiness. But I think it is also partly due to the fact that I love what I do. I have real passion for my job. My customers can feel that and at the end of the day, it pays off.


What do your customers appreciate the most?
Above all, my customers appreciate my efficiency and competency as well as the fact that I am available around the clock. They are satisfied as it never takes too long before their properties are sold and as I always have an open ear for them.


What are the skills that a real estate agent needs in order to succeed in today’s market?

Above all, real estate agents need to be customer-oriented. This means that they need to be able to listen, they need to be trustworthy and they need to keep their promises. This furthermore entails being transparent and always acting proactively rather than reacting. It is also important to have an extensive regional network and to be well established. But most important of all is the willingness to always give 1,000%. My personal motto: “Nothing is impossible.”


Why have you joined RE/MAX?
I was sold by the overall package. With RE/MAX, you are part of an extensive network, and this cooperation allows me to offer my clients excellent full service.


How has your everyday work been affected by the corona pandemic?

More than anything else, the corona pandemic leads of an increased amount of work but other than that nothing has really changed for me or my team. We keep working just like before ...


What’s the current property market in the Oberbaselbiet like? What developments do you expect for the year?        

Currently, there are less properties available in our region as we are still feeling the effects of the Covid months March to July/August of last year. In those months we did not receive any new commissions as customers were noticeably anxious and none of us knew what to expect. This is why many customers did not want to invite anyone into their homes. Other than that the development is really positive and we will keep doing our best in order for our two offices to gain more market shares.


What is your advice for property owners who are considering selling their property?

I would definitely advise them to do it now rather than waiting much longer. Currently, there are not many properties available on the market but there is a high demand, making this the ideal time to sell a property at the best possible price. We are happy to advise anyone thinking of selling. Just contact us for a free and noncommittal consultation.


Your specialist when it comes to real estate sales

Giacinto Forastefano is specialized in the valuation of single-family homes and apartment buildings, apartments and building plots as well as the sale of single-family homes, apartment buildings, split-level houses, new developments and plots. In case you are thinking of selling property or a plot in the Oberbaselbiet, you should contact him for a free informational consultation.


Giacinto Forastefano
Phone: +41 61 975 40 20
Mobile: +41 76 331 01 87


RE/MAX Immobilien Gelterkinden

Poststrasse 12
4460 Gelterkinden



RE/MAX Immobilien Liestal
Rebgasse 15
4410 Liestal


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