Longstanding regional presence pays off

Article from 25.02.2022

Local real estate agents have an almost intimate knowledge of the regional and local real estate market and an understanding of the current demand as well as trends and developments. Digital processes and tools used for support are useful additions rather than a contraction.


Are you toying with the idea of selling your property, or are you in the market for a new home? Thanks to their profound local knowledge, regionally established real estate agents have an in-depth understanding of their respective markets as well as extensive networks. This allows them to realistically classify the selling price of a property and to market it to potential buyers in a targeted manner.


Real estate agents with a longstanding regional and local presence have established personal contacts with local authorities, banks, lawyers, conveyancers and tax accountants. This benefits them when needing to clarify unresolved issues relating to the property in question in a quick, uncomplicated  and appropriate manner, resulting in a much more professional consultation, all the way from the initial contact to an accelerated purchasing process.


RE/MAX has more than 85 offices throughout Switzerland, thus being able to offer regional know-how and individual, personal contact. Apart from profound training and development, RE/MAX real estate agents have extensive knowledge of the local market and the tools necessary for professional marketing and sales. At the same time they are able to rely on a network that only a strong, global and renowned brand can offer. The local factor does not imply backwardness but rather the opposite: By combining local knowledge with digital tools, RE/MAX agents can offer the best of both worlds. Digital tools allow for virtual property viewings that do not require a lot of effort while enabling potential buyers to get a first idea of the property, thus helping them in their purchasing decision.


However, there are certain aspects of a real estate viewing that cannot be entirely covered by online tools, such as the feelgood factor, a property’s atmosphere, which can only be experienced to the full when engaging all senses, the neighbouring area or potential noise emissions. An additional real-life viewing allows buyers to get an overall impression and to check any and all eventualities. This is why a personal and trusting relationship with a local real estate agent remains a crucial factor in terms of purchasing decisions.

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