Markus Kohler - Best Agent April

Article from 01.06.2021
Markus Kohler - Best Agent April 2021

Despite the ongoing Corona pandemic, Markus Kohler of RE/MAX Eglisau is trying to keep in touch with his clients as best he can. His approach seems to be paying off - he was named “Best Agent of the Month” in April, adding another distinction to his range of RE/MAX awards. Find out what he has to say with regards to the future development of the real estate market in his region. In an interview with RE/MAX Switzerland he recommends acting fast if you are toying with the idea of selling your property.


The interview with Markus Kohler


Markus, you have been named best agent for the month of April. What does this award mean to you?

The award means a lot to me personally. It may “only” be a piece of paper, yet the certificate is proof that hard work and passion pay off. Furthermore it is evidence of the many satisfied customers who keep recommending me.


What sets you apart from other agents?

That is hard to say. Many other agents are equally successful. I would not say that I stand out in any way. I believe that any agent can be successful. All it takes is passion for the job, as well as ambition, motivation and honesty.


Why did you decide to work as a real estate agent?

It happened by accident. I used to work as an account manager in the private banking sector at Credit Suisse in Zurich but after an intensive and very informative time I was no longer motivated. I have always had the goal to one day be self-employed and have my own business. As a banker you work with numbers without ever seeing material results. And this is the allure that the real estate business has to offer: Working with buyers and sellers is often very emotional, as selling or purchasing a (new) home is usually quite a milestone. It is rather beautiful and motivational to see the results of a business transaction - for instance when a young family is moving into their new home.


Why have you chosen RE/MAX?

RE/MAX is the strongest, most successful and largest network of real estate agencies in the world. I am proud to be part of the number 1. The biggest network of real estate agents in the world offers incredible chances and I enjoy being part of it.


How has your daily work changed during the Corona pandemic?

Like so many others I too work much more from home these days, however, I try not to let that restrict me too much. It is important to me to be in close contact with my customers, even more so in the face of an ever increasing speed of digitization. I still visit my customers at home and keep conducting many personal conversations. Conversing via digital channels is not a strength of mine and I believe that many of my customers appreciate the personal contact.


Which skills does a real estate agent require in order to be successful in the current market?

I think those skills have remained the same throughout the years. The most important things is to enjoy working with people. To appreciate one’s customers, to support them and to serve their interests is the secret formula for success. As I like to say: There are no problems but only solutions.


What does the real estate market in your region currently look like? And what developments do you expect for this year?

In all the years I have been working for RE/MAX – which is almost 10 years  – there has never been a time like now, when properties get sold quickly and easily. I am working in a rather rural area. Since the start of the Corona pandemic, properties in the surroundings of Zurich have become even more attractive than they used to be. The demand for bigger apartments and houses that, for instance, offer enough space for a home office has increased exponentially. Apartments with big balconies or a garden and houses with gardens have never been more sought after. I expect this trend to continue throughout this year, however, it is possible that this boom will subside towards the end of the year.


What do you recommend to people toying with the idea of selling their property?

I recommend listing the property as soon as possible. As already mentioned, the time to sell a property has hardly ever been better than now. Currently, the demand for private property is extremely high, while good properties on offer are extremely rare, which further stimulates the existing seller’s market while it also pushes prices. We never had as many clicks on our ads placed on online platforms as in the past year, and we are observing a continuation of this trend. However, the steep curve of demand is somewhat flattening and it is possible that we will only see a rise in properties offered for sale towards the end of the year if not even next year, which will make it more difficult to sell. Hence my recommendation: If you want to sell, do it now!


Your fastest way to the agency in Eglisau

In case you are currently thinking about selling your property, you should not hesitate to contact Markus Kohler and his team. Arrange for a noncommittal appointment with the real estate agent to find out whether and to which extent you want to work with Markus Kohler. His contact details are as follows:


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