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Article from 21.06.2022

Having been presented with the title of “Best Agent of the Month” by REMAX Switzerland, and being part of the team that was named “Best Office” in May, Mirjam Martinez-Schmocker, site director at RE/MAX Immobilier Epalinges, has recently been the proud recipient of two accolades. For Mirjam Martinez-Schmocker, these two awards are proof for the fact that hard work pays off. In the following interview she tells us what makes the RE/MAX brand - which she calls her second family - so special.


The interview with Mirjam Martinez-Schmocker

You’ve just been awarded with the title of Best Agent for the month of May. What went particularly well in May?

It wasn’t a coincidence that I received the award in May. It is the result of years of hard and continuous work. I have always been looking for good work, having my clients’ best interests at heart and making sure to fulfil all their wishes. I am very proud of that. The award is the culmination of all my years working for the RE/MAX group.


What sets you apart from other agents?

Let me quote Nietzsche in order to answer that question: "What does not kill me makes me stronger." Life has not always been smooth sailing and I have lived through some very painful times. However, these times have enabled me to surpass myself and to find unexpected resources inside me that made me recognise the real values in life: Family, spirituality, altruism and human relationships in general - the same values that have allowed me to work in peace and follow a slightly different approach to other brokers. I am not dogged; I either get a deal or I don’t. People either want to work with me or they don’t. My professional background in the area of social work has helped me too. I think that my customers can feel my empathy and that they value my benevolent and altruistic attitude. For me, my customers’ contentment comes before money and success.


Why have you chosen to work with RE/MAX?

I have found a second family in RE/MAX. RE/MAX - the world’s largest real estate brand - has helped me evolve and find my individual path in this job. I have always felt ideally looked after and supported in everything I do. I am truly happy and grateful to be part of this extraordinary group. 


What skills does a real estate agent need today in order to succeed?

Apart from the expertise and skills that every real estate agent should have, the ability to listen to the customers and lead them through the entire process of buying or selling a property is important. It is essential to understand the individual customer’s needs. In my personal case, my tenacity has helped too. To never give up and always remain positive is the secret of any successful real estate agent.


Can you tell us a little about how you perceive the current real estate market in your area?

We don’t want to lie to ourselves. The current situation on the real estate market is very complicated. It causes a climate of fear for anyone involved. Buyers are hesitant when it comes to investing in property, even though it still proves to be a safe bet. The media also plays its part in causing uncertainty and insecurity by relaying so many negative stories and contradictory data. However, irrespective of what we hear and read, people keep purchasing and investing in real estate. It is true that the market is changing and developing constantly, however, that’s not a reason to give up on one’s dream of owning a property.


What is your advice for someone wanting to buy property in the current market?
Irrespective of all the pessimistic information that is out there it has to be said that the current interest rates are still really low, which is why I would advise any potential buyers to discuss their budget with their bank and to seriously consider purchasing now. As I already mentioned, in terms of investment real estate is still a safe bet.



Mirjam Martinez-Schmocker – her profile

Mirjam Martinez doesn’t only profit from her expertise and her years of experience, but also from her language skills. The experienced real estate agent and site director is fluent in five languages (German, English, French, Spanish and Italian). This multicultural factor and her ability to adapt to different cultures confers a major edge compared to her competitors. However, satisfied customers are still the best advertising for any real estate agent. As one customer put it: “Mrs Martinez has handled the sale of our house, which was riddled with obstacles. She was able to find a solution for any problem and the sale finally went ahead under the best possible conditions. Do not hesitate to contact Mrs Martinez when wanting to sell your property - she will find a solution for any issue there is." Have a look at her website to find out more about Mirjam Martinez-Schmocker and what other customers have to say about her.


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