Nathanael Regez - Best Agent November

Article from 22.12.2021

Every month, RE/MAX Switzerland awards the Best Agent of the Month” title to an agent who did particularly well. In November, the title was awarded to Nathanael Regez from RE/MAX Immobilien in Belp. The real estate agent likes to go the extra mile - both in his private life and for his customers. And even though he has been working in the property industry for many years, he is still as passionate about his versatile and challenging job as he was when he started out. In the following interview, he tells us how he perceives the current real estate market in the canton of Bern.


The interview with Nathanael Regez in Bern

You have been awarded the title of best agent in November. What does this title mean to you?
The title is like a giant gift to me, which is basically true for any commission I get. And if you get awarded after a month that went particularly well, it feels like you are being spoilt with gifts!


What sets you apart from other agents?
I always try to go the extra mile, be it for myself or for my customers.


Why did you decide to become a real estate agent?
I’ve been fascinated by this fantastic job 10 years ago already. And I have to say that it keeps being very versatile and extremely interesting. In other words, my first impression has not changed over the years - it has rather been confirmed throughout my professional career.


Why are you part of RE/MAX?
RE/MAX is the strongest brand in the real estate industry.


Which skills does a real estate agent need in order to succeed in today’s market?
It should be a vocation and not a job.


What does your regional market currently look like? Which developments are you expecting for the coming year?

Good property is in high demand and customers are willing to pay top dollars. I don’t see this situation changing in the coming year.


What is your recommendation for people toying with the idea of selling their property?

Get in touch with the market leader, in other words your regional RE/MAX office, find an agent with a vocation and sign the agent’s agreement immediately.


More success thanks to professional support

Given the current situation on the market, you should seek an expert’s advice and support, irrespective of whether you are looking at buying or selling property in the canton of Bern. Nathanael Regez has proven to be just such an expert, which is why you should not hesitate to contact him for an initial noncommittal consultation.


RE/MAX Immobilien in Belp

Nathanael Regez

Belpstrasse 5
CH-3074 Muri b. Bern


Mobile: +41 (0) 79 215 57 27



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