RE/MAX Aarau – Best Office August 2021

Article from 24.09.2021

Traditionally speaking, the summer months are usually slow business for many industries. Not so when it comes to real estate though - many contracts are being notarized during the holidays. RE/MAX Immobilien Aarau had a particularly busy month in August, which is why the team was named “Best Office in August. RE/MAX Switzerland has probed the team regarding their recipe for success.


The Interview with the RE/MAX team in Aarau


You have been named “Best Office in August 2021”. What is your recipe for success?
Our customers trust us to  be overly committed in marketing their properties in a creative and cross-medial way. Online, you will only reach the ones searching actively, which is why you have to find other ways in order to also reach the ones searching passively.

In addition, we are really quick in terms of our prospective buyer management and make sure we can support interested parties from the get-go. We are very business fluent, which is a definite strength, and we are able to coordinate all parties involved - from prospective buyers to homeowners to banks to conveyancers and others. It is our aim to get a contract notarized in the shortest time possible. As Pius Götschi (location manager Aarau) likes to put it: “You have to keep tightening the screws until you get to the contract signed - the longer it takes, the bigger the risk of losing it again!”


What defines you as an office?
“RE/MAX Immobilien Aarau – your choice in terms of assessing, presenting, marketing and selling your property” - that is our motto, and the positive feedback we get from customers is proof that this approach is paying off. Customers like to give us feedback after a contract has been signed.


Why are you part of RE/MAX?
Thanks to its level of brand awareness and with more than 80 offices in Switzerland alone, RE/MAX is a network that customers trust. What is somewhat annoying is a mentality of stinginess that seems to be on the rise where certain customers want to sell without the professional support of an agent just so they won’t have to pay commission, or even worse, they commission someone cheap. We are less annoyed about lost contracts than about the fact that those customers take the backseat as they will usually sell at lower prices than they could and should (estimated price according to bank/value) - but just as the old saying goes: “... for they know not what they do …”. RE/MAX stands for Real Estate MAXIMUM, which means that we are obliged to achieve the best market price possible for all of our customers and to negotiate with banks and prospective buyers.


What does your regional real estate market currently look like? What developments do you expect for the remainder of 2021?

According to an analysis of the different segments of demand (analysis of online real estate platforms), there are 246 parties looking for single-family homes in the area of Aarau alone, with only 20 such houses on offer in the closer vicinity (4 km) of Aarau. Prices are still at a very high level and are not generally supported by banks. We are no prophets but we expect the prices to remain at the current level at least all the way through to the spring months of 2022, based on the fact that the situation caused by Corona will not change all too quickly and we see that especially the fears of the older generation are not going away. Anyone wanting to sell now will definitely be able to achieve a good price with RE/MAX Immobilien Aarau.


Real estate marketing with real experts

The successful brokering of a real estate deal requires a high-quality marketing concept as well as negotiating skills, both of which the team in Aarau can offer. If you are currently looking to buy or sell a property in and around Aarau you should not wait any longer. Make an appointment, either in person or via video call, free of charge. The real estate experts will work out a concept based on your individual wishes and requirements.


RE/MAX Immobilien Aarau

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