RE/MAX agent Karin Bruhin - Best Agent in June

Article from 22.07.2021
RE/MAX agent Karin Bruhin - Best Agent in June
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Anyone who knows Karin Bruhin also knows that she is an experienced real estate agent who loves her job. This is down to the fact that it is extremely diverse while on the other hand allowing her to work with a wide range of different people. It makes Karin Bruhin happy to support people in finding the property of their dreams and it is this joy that keeps her going. Her joy is palpable and it pays off. In June, RE/MAX Switzerland presented Karin Bruhin with the title of Best Agent of the Month. In an online interview she tells us why people wanting to sell should not wait any longer but rather sell now.

The interview with Karin Bruhin in Bäch

Karin, you are the best agent of the month of June. What does this award mean to you?

I am truly honored! For me, the award means that I have been able to offer my customers the ideal service. It makes me happy. And it makes me proud to be working within the RE/MAX network.


What sets you apart from other agents?

For my customers, I go the extra mile day for day, which means that I will address all customer requirements individually. As I have grown up in this region it makes me happy to convince others of its benefits. In addition, I offer an allround-service even after the sale and I let my customers partake in my personal network.


What made you decide to become a real estate agent?

Property has always been one of my passions. The combination of working with property and being able to make people happy is something that gives me a lot of satisfaction and that constantly drives me to perform better than the previous day.


Why are you working with RE/MAX?

RE/MAX offers me the biggest network in the world, which in turn allows me to offer my customers the best support available on the real estate market.


How has your daily work changed during the Corona pandemic?


The effort has increased tremendously and such times require a lot of empathy. However, they also open up new chances and the extraordinary situation clearly brought with it some ingenuity.


Which skills does a real estate agent require in order to succeed in today’s market?

This job requires a huge amount of empathy and neverending curiosity regarding others. You have to be flexible and adaptable as well as keeping a certain amount of general curiosity


What does your regional real estate market currently look like? What developments do you expect for the remaining year?

Thanks to attractive taxes, our lakes and mountains, and the proximity to the airport, our region has become even more popular, which is why demand is currently extremely high for all price segments, while at the same time the market has dried up. This situation inevitably leads to increasing prices.


What advice do you have for owners toying with the idea of selling their property?

At the moment they can ask higher prices than ever before. Thanks to my many years of experience they can be sure to get the best service possible.

Take your chance

If you have been pondering purchasing or selling property in or around Bäch, you should not wait any longer and contact Karin Bruhin. She is an experienced real estate agent who knows the region like the back of her hand and who has an extensive network. Especially if you are thinking of selling, you should not wait any longer and take your chance in order to achieve the best price possible. Do not sit idle and allow the current situation on the real estate market to elapse. Why wait if you can arrange for an informal appointment today?


The RE/MAX Collection Immobilien Bäch

Karin Bruhin

Seestrasse 142

8806 Bäch


Phone: +41 79 531 76 30


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