RE/MAX Belp Ambassador takes Best Office & Best Agent titles in March

Article from 15.04.2020
RE/MAX Belp Ambassador takes Best Office & Best Agent titles in March
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No corona slack for the RE/MAX Ambassador team in Belp. The real estate agency managed to secure both titles of "Best Office" and "Best Agent" in March despite the difficulties. Unfortunately, CEO Rainer Jöhl was not allowed to bring the certificates in person this time. But we asked the team a few digital questions. You will find the answers below.


The interview with the RE/MAX team in Belp


What does winning both "Best Office of the Month" and "Best Agent" awards mean to you ?

Team: We are very GRATEFUL and also rather PROUD that we received both titles during these difficult times.


Corinne, you received the “Best Realtor of the Month March” award. What makes you a broker?

Corinne Lehmann: My customers appreciate my transparent way of working and my honest, direct manner. I never rest, but constantly develop myself and my work. I have high standards of my own quality. I am always open to new ideas and well organized - timing is everything!


What went particularly well in March? How did you manage to prevail against the other RE/MAX branches this month?

Team: If it works then it works. Actually, we didn't do anything extra. The timing of our closings in the end were just right.


RE/MAX Switzerland provides franchise partners with a wide range of tools. Which tool has been particularly helpful to your successful?

Team: It really depends on the right combination of tools..


What 3 tips would you give to a franchise partner who is new to the real estate market with a real estate agency?


1. Be picky about choosing your broker> LESS IS MORE.

2. The location should be positioned on a busy street.

3. Keep fixed costs low!!


Corinne, what motivates you to offer your customers the best possible service every day?


Corinne Lehmann: The RE/MAX brand is as strong as its weakest link. I also feel responsible to the brand for always delivering the best quality! Basically, buying or selling a property is a huge deal for both sides. After all, it is one of the most important decisions in life. An emotional rollercoaster is guaranteed in every purchase or sale!

Home ownership simply put, is a matter of the heart - that's why I do everything I can to provide both parties with security and trust. I can make that happen when I put in the right amount of extra service. I get my clients almost entirely through recommendations - so the extra service does pays off!

And where do you get your passion for your job from?

Corinne Lehmann: I've been passionate about all my previous jobs. Independence was a logical step for me and always a big dream of mine. I have been working in sales, marketing and human resources for almost 30 years. I have been interested in real estate since we bought a house and renovated it over many years. The mix of all of this experience has just been perfect for me. I can say: "I have arrived, professionally!" What I particularly like is that I am constantly learning. I like this level of complexity.


At RE/MAX, continuous training is an important success factor in order to be able to counsel customers correctly. In what area do you specialize in, Where is your expertise?

Team: Since we have been in the real estate business for many years, we are now confidently experts with extensive experience in all areas of property trading.

What makes you unique as a team?

Team: No greed !!!


And what do you wish for in the future?

Good health for EVERYONE !!!


How to contact the RE/MAX Ambassador team in Belp

The team in Belp has over 15 years of experience in the real estate business. So if you want to buy or sell a property near Belp, then you are in the best of hands with these proven experts. You can be sure to receive a sound property valuation and expert advice. Our real estate specialists will obviously hadle all marketing for you. So as to present your property in the best possible light. Simply get in touch. The team is looking forward to getting to know you and actively supporting you with your real estate project.


RE/MAX Ambassador – Belp
Hängelenweg 2
3123 Belp

Tel.: +41 31 333 19 19


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