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Article from 22.12.2021

The last time RE/MAX Immobilien Belp was voted “Best Office” was as recently as May of this year, and only six months later the team bagged the prestigious title again. Such success is only possible with a strong and dedicated team that works well together and supports each other. In an interview with RE/MAX Switzerland, the real estate experts talk about how they perceive the current property market in and around Belp. Additionally, they have a special tip on how customers looking for real estate can keep one step ahead of others who are looking at buying.


The interview with the RE/MAX team in Belp

Once again, you managed to be awarded the title of Best Office of the Month”. What went particularly well in November?
We are very honored to have been awarded the title of “Best Office” for a second time this year, after bagging it for the first time in May. We are certain that this is thanks to our strong and dedicated team that has been working together for years.


Can you tell us about how you perceive the current real estate market in your region?
The demand for home ownership is high, supply however is rather low. Especially during the pandemic, owners have been reluctant to sell, which is why supply has decreased even further and prices have gone up.


In view of the constantly increasing prices, would you recommend selling or rather letting one’s property?
There is no generally valid response to that question as it always depends on the prospective seller’s situation. This is why, when it comes to that question, it is important to have the support of a real estate expert who knows the place and is familiar with the regional circumstances.


What is the advantage of selling property now while prices are still increasing?
Again, it depends on the seller’s situation. What are the seller’s future plans? Given the current demand for property, it is an ideal time to sell, especially since, as already mentioned, supply is low.


What is your recommendation for people looking at buying property?
People looking at buying property are not in the best situation, as the market is going crazy. The desire to own real estate seems as strong as never before, which is why there are always a lot of interested parties as soon as a popular property becomes available. One recommendation we have is that people interested in buying clarify the financial viability with their bank beforehand. This allows them to act fast rather than having to wait several days if not weeks to make sure they get the financing they need. It becomes more and more important for buyers to be well prepared.


Sell your property with professional support

In case you are currently undecided on whether you want to sell your property or rather wait, it makes sense to seek a real estate agent’s professional opinion. The team in Belp will carefully examine your property as well as your individual situation before giving you a qualified valuation. The real estate experts know their regional market like the back of their hands, which allows them to draw up a detailed assessment. They have the expertise and inside knowledge that laymen  are lacking, which is why you should trust them and make an appointment for a noncommittal consultation:


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