RE/MAX Immobilien in Belp – Best Office April 2022

Article from 25.05.2022
RE/MAX Immobilien in Belp

Yet again, RE/MAX real estate in Belp has been named “Best Office of the Month”. RE/MAX Switzerland handed over the certificate and congratulated the well-practiced team that witnessed some change on the real estate market in the last few months. Read the following interview to find out what these changes were. 


The interview with the RE/MAX team in Belp


You managed to be awarded the title of Best Office of the Month. What went particularly well in April?

Obviously there were a number of deals closed in March. Our committed and experienced team has been active in the market for years and we are proud to have been awarded this title.


What are your goals for 2022 in order to make your clients “appreciate property”?

The market has changed considerably in the last one to two years. Today, an agent needs to be prepared to go the “extra mile” for each client. Comprehensive services as well as high quality standards are more important than ever in order to remain on top of the game.


Compared to several months ago, have you witnessed any changes in the real estate market?

Yes, depending on region, the market has definitely changed. There is still a lot of demand for home-ownership. Due to increasing home mortgage interest rates and differing feedback from banks regarding a property, prospective buyers are rattled, which requires an even higher level of personal support from our side.


Why should property sellers even consider consulting a real estate agent in the current climate?

A professional approach involving a real estate agent definitely offers added value. This starts with finding the correct price for a property, which is not as easy as it may seem due to the different values calculated by different evaluation software programmes. This requires a lot of expertise and regional knowledge. Mistakes can quickly become nerve-wracking and costly - both in financial terms and in terms of time spent. Professional support from beginning to end definitely pays off.


Why is RE/MAX real estate in Belp the best choice in the German-speaking part of Switzerland?

There are a number of experienced and good RE/MAX agencies throughout German-speaking Switzerland. With our offices in Belp, Zollikofen and Bern we are able to cover the metropolitan area of Bern; furthermore, our team is very experienced. Out of 10 of our agents, a good half of them have been active in the RE/MAX network for more than 10 years.

Best Office – a proven recipe for successful sales

Top service, competence and trust – these are all values that the agents in Belp stand for. The experts have all been living in the area for years and thus command extensive networks. They closely monitor the real estate market and recognise every trend, which allows them to support you in your journey to finding your dream property at the best price possible. And even if property may currently be at a premium, you should not refrain from seeking competent advice when wanting to achieve the best price for selling your property. The Best Office Award is proof many customers trust the team in Belp and their ability to successfully close a great number of deals. Contact their office to arrange an appointment:


RE/MAX Immobilien in Belp

Ambassador Dienstleistungen AG
Hängelenweg 2
3123 Belp


Phone:+41 31 333 19 19



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