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Article from 18.01.2022

The Corona pandemic has left its impact on the real estate market. The prevalent uncertainty leads to a certain hesitancy when it comes to selling property. However, demand is still high as many people dream of owning their own home. This leads to a bottleneck, and the RE/MAX team in Epalinges is confronted with the associated challenges on a daily basis. Nonetheless, the team of experts can look back on a very successful year as well as a promising start into the new one - with a welcome surprise: At the beginning of 2022, RE/MAX Switzerland presented the team with the distinction of “Best Office of the Month” for the month of December. In the following interview, the real estate agents tell us how and why they are able to successfully close so many deals. Furthermore, they share their views on the current situation in the region around Epalinges and give some advice on how potential buyers can best prepare for a purchase.


The interview with the RE/MAX team in Epalinges

Once again you have managed to be awarded the title of Best Office of the Month! What went particularly well in December?

We approach our daily work with loads of motivation, expertise and efficiency. Our outstanding teamwork was the main contributing factor to our success during the year’s last month - everyone contributes by getting involved and invested. This kind of teamwork allows us to close a high number of deals.


What does the current situation in your region look like?
As is the case with many other regions, the lack of supply leads to inflated prices. The village of Epalinges on the outskirts of Lausanne is a region with constantly rising demand. Due to the low levels of supply we cannot satisfy all our customers’ needs, which is unfortunate.


In the face of constantly increasing real estate prices, would you recommend customers to sell or to rather let?

It all depends on the individual situation and on the owner’s wishes. It requires a lot of questions before coming to the right answer.


What is the most profitable solution? To sell or to let?

This is another question without a hard and fast answer. It depends on whether the customer prefers to get a monthly pension or whether he/she wants to invest. It depends on the advantages and disadvantages. Anyone in or around Epalinges currently pondering these questions should get in touch with our team. Together, we can analyse the situation and decide on an individually suitable solution.


But what is the advantage of selling a property now while prices are still increasing?

Due to the current health situation and the prevalent uncertainty, there is a discernible decrease in the number of properties available for sale. The reduced supply is playing into the hands of sellers as it allows them to achieve very high prices for their properties, especially since the demand for home ownership is still high. In addition, home mortgage interest rates are still very attractive, thus allowing potential buyers to start looking for a new home.


What is your advice for people wanting to buy property in the current situation?
Our advice for future buyers is always to check their spending capacity with their financial institution and to draw up a financial dossier that allows them to act quickly in case they have found their dream property.


RE/MAX Epalinges answers all your questions regarding real estate

In case you are currently considering selling or buying a property in and around Epalinges, you should contact the RE/MAX team in Epalinges. The real estate agents will help you shed a light on your personal situation as well as answer any remaining questions. They will help you find the right solution for your individual situation.


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