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Article from 24.08.2021

Having a big team does not necessarily equal success. It is the team members’ expertise, mutual support and respect as well as their motivation that makes or breaks a team. The ten real estate agents at RE/MAX Immobilier Epalinges are just such a team so it comes as no surprise that their office was able to celebrate a recent success. In July, they closed more deals than any other RE/MAX agency, which is why RE/MAX Switzerland presented them with the title of “Best Office of the Month. Questions regarding the development of the regional market are of particular interest during the current times of the pandemic. Read the following interview to find out what the team had to say.


The interview with the RE/MAX team in Epalinges

You have been named best office in July 2021. What is your recipe for success?
Professionalism, enthusiasm, perseverance and teamwork are what we consider ingredients for success.


What makes your office stand out?
Our team consists of ten people. Each of us is very positive, motivated, passionate, and gives 100 %. The team spirit, the friendly atmosphere and the collaboration in our office enable us to work in ideal circumstances.


Why are you working with RE/MAX?

RE/MAX is the world’s largest real estate network. The brand’s reputation, the network of agencies, the IT tools available as well as continuous advanced education are the real added value that allows us to work efficiently.


How has your job been impacted by the COVID pandemic?

Just like so many other businesses too, we had to reconsider our MO and our procedures, and we had to adapt to the current public health strategies. Professional and tailored service has enabled us to stand out from the competition.


What does your regional real estate market currently look like? What kind of developments are you expecting for the remainder of the year?

Currently, many owners have decided to postpone a sale and to wait and see how the situation will develop healthwise. There is a shortage of supply opposed by high demand, which is driving prices. We expect the market to improve and prices to stabilize again in 2022.


What are your recommendations for property owners toying with the idea of selling?
Our recommendation is to contact us. We offer competent and professional support.


Selling real estate professionally

Current real estate prices and demand may be high in the Epalinges region, however, you should not refrain from getting professional support if wanting to sell your property. The tiniest of mistakes can have costly consequences, which is why it is a good idea to work with a real estate agent and make use of his/her expertise from the start. Whether in French, German or English - the RE/MAX team in Epalinges is happy to assist throughout the selling process so you can sell to the right buying party at the best price possible.


RE/MAX Immobilier Epalinges

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