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Article from 15.01.2021
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To be a service provider that provides a high level of service and quality to every single customer, that is the stated goal of the RE/MAX Immobilien Belp team. And this business model seems to be paying off, because the team succeeded in securing both popular RE/MAX awards, "Best Office" and "Best Agent", in November last year. RE/MAX Switzerland congratulates the successful team and spoke to the best agent Nathanael Regez about his very personal success strategy.

The interview with Nathanael Regez in Belp

Nathanael, you received the award for “Best Broker of the Month November”. What makes you a real estate agent?

Nathanael Regez:My passion for real estate goes way back, I could be found on construction sites as a child. I was born with a love for real estate, so to speak. In addition,there is my great interest in knowing more about my fellow human beings and their life stories. This combination makes my job as a real estate agent an absolute dream job. I think my customers feel this.


What motivates you to offer your customers the best possible service every day?

Nathanael Regez:The joy of finding the “right one” for every property. I find that there is the right buyer for every property. Doing the right thing at the right moment always, takes a little tact.


RE/MAX Switzerland provides its franchise partners with a wide range of tools. Which tool is particularly helpful for you to be so successful?

Nathanael Regez: The tools for property valuation are particularly helpful for me.


Where does your passion for your job come from?

Nathanael Regez: From my joy and enthusiasm for home ownership and the variety between supply and demand. Just as everyone is different, so do the desires and needs of each individual. I find that extremely fascinating.


Why did you become a real estate agent?

Nathanael Regez:I have had the desire to work as a real estate agent since I was young. This path was confirmed by vocational coaching. Thank goodness I was able to implement my wish afterwards. The real estate agent profession has become my real calling.


Would you share your best experience so far as a realtor with us?

Nathanael Regez: For me there isn’t “THE” best experience, because every sale is a great experience. To be able to experience the joy of customers in their new home is always nice and enriching for me. But a particularly beautiful moment was when a pair of customers ended up becaming good friends at a personal level.


What else do you want to achieve as a broker?

Nathanael Regez: I would like to invest more time in project development. Developing a project on a plot of land and marketing it successfully is something I would love to do!


What advice would you give to other RE/MAX brokers who would also like to be named “Best Broker of the Month”?

Nathanael Regez: Be true to yourself, it’s little things!

Your fastest way to RE/MAX Immobilien Belp

Would you like to change in 2021 and are you looking for a property near Belp? Or would you like to sell or rent your property with the best results? Then you should contact the RE/MAX professionals at  the “Best Office November” in Belp. Get to know Nathanael Regez personally and see for yourself why he was named best agent.


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