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Article from 10.03.2021

As a comparatively small team, Urs Felber and Thomas Hediger from RE/MAX Immobilien Liestal (Broker / Owner Giacinto Forastefano) managed to secure the “Best Office January 2021” award in January. A great success, which is no coincidence, it is however a testament to their tireless commitment to customers. REMAX Switzerland asked the winning office whether anything had changed in real estate sales as a result of the corona pandemic in the Liestal region. The brokers affirmed this to be true. In the following article you will find out which new trends these real estate experts have identified.

The interview with the REMAX team in Liestal

What does the “Best Office of the Month” award that you received in January mean for you?

For an office in a 'non-high-price region' and with currently only two brokers! This is of course an extraordinary and gratifying achievement.


What went particularly well for you this month? How were you able to able to come out ahead of the other RE/MAX branches?
The basis for success is of course not laid in the month of the award, but through the serious work beforehand. In Liestal, we also benefit from our consistent advertising activities, good reviews and their subsequent recommendations.


What motivates you to offer your customers the best possible service every day?

It's basically a matter of attitude. In our previous jobs and positions we were already used to always providing our customers the best level service. This basic attitude is firmly anchored in our DNA. Today that same attitude is enjoyed by our current customers. We also live from recommendations, which we only get if we do an impeccable job.


What makes you unique as a team?

Although we are independent brokers and everyone has their own company in the background, we all mutually benefit from the internal exchange of experiences and knowledge afforded by our varied specializations. It means we can deal with practically any situation, which is a great advantage over many other competitors. The customer can rest assured that he or she will never be left helpless, even in the most extreme situations.


What is the market like in your region at the moment?

We noticed reduced sales orders in the spring and summer of last year due to the Corona Lockdown those orders being postponed till autumn. This development meant for a very labor-intensive year-end spurt. In the second lockdown, we didn't feel that delay or reluctance to order as much.


In general, we note that a 'sellers' market has emerged. More properties are being sought than are being offered on the market. Which is leading to higher prices. We are also noticing a trend that properties that are a little off the main traffic arteries are more in demand than before. There is an increased interest in real estate in the country, with wraparounds, terraces and larger balconies.

This, too, is probably a consequence of the pandemic and the resulting longing for more closeness to nature and the home office trend.


What tips do you give other offices that would like to receive this award?

Above all, you should strive to achieve good customer reviews brought on by a standard to always deliver impeccable service that leaves the lesser competitors in the dust! Our RE/MAX internal awards should be a secondary goal because the truth is current market conditions are too unbalanced at the moment. They are a 'nice to have', but not the measure of all things.


What do you wish for the future?

Best Office of the Year!

Your partner in real estate

If you are looking for a property in Liestal or in the region or looking to sell your property, you should contact the RE/MAX Liestal team. From the property evaluation to the signature at the notary, these experienced brokers will accompany you with their specialized knowledge. They also add value with the great importance they give to customer service. Check them out!


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