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Article from 11.09.2020

It goes without saying that RE/MAX real estate agents care about real estate. Real estate agent Urs Rüegg from RE/MAX Wetzikon works as a fire officer in Hittnau in his spare time and does his part to protect people and their property from death and in destruction in the event of a fire. He is convinced that many fires could be prevented and many human lives saved if a functioning fire alarm alerted residents in enough time when smoke builds in a home. For this reason, he spon-taneously started a Doorknocking flyer campaign in his area of expertise in July to draw attention to the topic of smoke detectors and the dangers of damaged batteries.

Fire alarms can save real estate and lives

Fire alarms are not mandatory in Switzerland, but real estate agent Urs Rüegg considers them a very sensible investment. Through his fire brigade operations, he gets up close and personal with the enormous damage a fire can cause to a property. The sooner firefighters reach a scene, the greater the chance of being able to get the fire under control quickly. A functioning smoke detector can warn property owners or neighbors in good time if a fire is developing. He therefore advises every property owner or landlord to install fire alarms.


But what good is a nice looking fire alarm if it doesnt detect smoke or sound the alarm in an emergency or even becomes a source of danger itself? To avoid this, you must ensure that your smoke alarms are checked regularly. Every fire alarm has a small rechargeable battery or one that needs to be changed from time to time.


If a battery swells, overheats or is damaged, it becomes a danger in itself. They can even self-ignite during charging. This is usually not noticed by sleeping residents, if your sleeping during an emergency tragically you would only realize the extent of the disaster till the next morning, when you wake to find the walls black and that you and your familiy has inhaled poisonous gases. So its important to maintan quality smoke alarms. There are many on the market from simple models to group detectors that com-municate with each other and can be controlled via an app. Investgate before buying.

Let the experts advise you personally

Do you have any questions about smoke detectors? Then just get in touch with Urs Rüegg. As a fire-fighter, he is very familiar with fire alarms and their secure installation. Of course, he will advise you professionally and sincerley on all other questions relating to real estate. His goal is to offer each of his customers the best possible service - be it as a seller or as a buyer.


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