Real estate agent – an ideal job for women

Article from 21.04.2021
Nicole Volken

After taking some time out, Nicole Volken started afresh at the age of 50. She was bold enough to jump into a new career and started her own real estate business in Zollikofen, Switzerland - and she has never looked back. RE/MAX Switzerland has met up for an online interview with the real estate agent and asked her why she thinks that this is a job predestined for women. Read her responses below. 

The interview with Nicole Volken

Dear Nicole, you have been a self-employed RE/MAX real estate agent for several years now. What do you love most about your job?

What I like the most is that the job is so versatile. I have the opportunity to pass on my knowledge while at the same time being in contact with lots of different people. This allows me to utilize my soft skills. Being able to help people along their way - be it as a home purchaser or seller - is something that thrills me. I speak several languages, which is another of my assets that is really helpful.


Can you tell us what a typical day in the life of a real estate agent looks like?
Every day is different. Depending on the respective project phase, I have different tasks on my agenda. It can either be direct contact with the customer, a property viewing, the compilation of documents, promotional activities, solving issues with authorities and so on.


What do you perceive as your biggest challenges as a real estate agent?
In today’s market, acquisition is the biggest challenge (irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman), which is due to the fact that the demand on the property market has grown exponentially during these very special times.


And where do you see the biggest chances as a real estate agent?
I believe I was lucky to have accepted a new challenge a while back. This opened up the big chance to further myself and grow with each property and every customer.


Looking back on your success story: What advice do you have for real estate agents, male or female, that are starting out?
Stay true to YOURSELF, stay authentic. Deal with each property as if it was your own.


“Happy with real estate” is our RE/MAX slogan: Can you tell us a story about how you have experienced this slogan take life? 
In our line of work, people are always at the center of attention. They are the ones deciding whether they do or do not want to sell or purchase. I get very emotional whenever I feel the customer is trusting me and every time I experience how happy a customer is once they have found a new home with my help. This is when I know why this job is the right one for me.


Why do you think that the job of a real estate agent is ideal for women?
Women with kids are able to freely plan their days and weeks thus making sure that neither their job nor their role as a mother is affected. A lot of women are naturally empathetic, which is certainly something very useful in our line of work. It is important to listen to the customer and be responsive. Selling or purchasing a property is a big deal and it requires a lot of tact and instinct.

Your way to RE/MAX real estate in Zollikofen

If you are thinking of selling or purchasing a property in or around Zollikofen and the Worblental valley, you should contact Nicole Volken at RE/MAX real estate. The real estate agent offers expertise and personal guidance for all your property projects. This is how you can reach her:


Nicole Volken
Real estate agent


M: +41 79 459 64 21


RE/MAX Immobilien Zollikofen
Bernstrasse 131

CH-3052 Zollikofen

RE/MAX Magazin national


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