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Article from 23.10.2020

Every year, Countless numbers of real estate agents spend thousands of francs on generating seller and buyer leads. While real estate experts leverage the power of the big platforms, many think that this is the only way to generate new leads. In realty In order to position yourself successfully against the platform giants, you need your own activity and creativity. RE/MAX Switzerland presents you with seven strategies that are intended to reduce the high marketing costs for lead acquisition and at the same time ensure greater independence from large platforms.

1. Be a master of multi-channel marketing

Real estate agents who strategically “bet on more than one horse” tend to be the most successful. Positioning is easier thanks to targeted multichannel marketing (defined target groups, clear business goals and strategies). Don't leave your marketing activities to chance!


You should ask yourself these questions before any marketing campaign:

  • What is my target group?
  • What are the benefits for the readers?
  • What is my goal?
  • Which online and offline marketing channels am I already active on or not?
  • How long should the campaign last?

Don't forget to adapt your social channels (website, email sender, WhatsApp profile picture) when running a Facebook campaign. Mention the campaign in your newsletter and create a suitable mailing (e.g. flyer campaign) Above all, share it with your audience!

2. The advantage of being a hyperlocal top dog

As a real estate agent, you can get ahead with your local socio-demographic insider knowledge! Because as the local top dog, you know exactly what‘s happening in your area. Use this advantage in your real estate marketing. Write content which highlights your expert knowledge. The text you create should be as informative and valuable as possible. Also place specific local keywords so that the page is found in a search. Publish the content on both your website and social media. First, work out your personal Unique Selling Point (USP) and market it as cleverly as possible (e.g. information on local property prices, the best time to buy or sell property in your region, professional videos and currently available real estate).

3. Get personal

The key to winning new customers is to establish personal customer contact as quickly as possible! Keep in mind this is found in the first lesson in the real estate marketer training at RE/MAX Academy. As soon as an online lead is received, it should be converted into an "offline" lead as quickly as possible. Get Face to Face. Personal contact makes the difference over other major Internet platforms. This individual customer relationship cannot be offered by a robot or chat bot. It is important to always come across as authentic and honest. Take the time to get to know new customers!

4. Be unique and offer your customers real added value

It's an art and a science to produce unique content. It has to look serious, but still not be boring or overloaded. Above all, it must offer your customers added value. The aim is to position yourself clearly and to stand out from the crowd. Don't be a Copy Cat! Position yourself as an expert in your target area. This takes time, but the effort invested usually pays off in the end. RE/MAX provides a range of marketing tools to its real estate agents. Video courses also support the professional processing of the content. In social media courses, real estate agents get to know new ways of digitally positioning themselves and their services. Have you ever thought of a personal welcome video on your homepage? Try it! Attention: Videos should be as authentic as possible so that the online and offline versions match when you get to know each other personally.

5. Bring your customers to your office and stay tuned!

Whenever possible, invite potential customers to your office. If this is not physically possible in times of Corona, then at least digitally. Personalized communication and contact creates a bond! Studies and statistics show that customers mostly stay loyal to the sites they trust. Your company website should therefore be structured in such a way that customers can save them as favorites and access them when necessary.


Ideas and examples from RE/MAX:

  • Customers should only receive links that link to the RE/MAX website.
  • Up-to-date information is published promptly on the website (statistics, reports, activities, etc.).
  • RE/MAX values unique content (blog).
  • Whether on social media, on the website or in RE/MAX News - Call to Actions should not be missing!

6. Google positioning alone is not everything!

The probability of sliding to the top in the ranking with a single broker homepage in competition with the other well-positioned websites on Google is usually rather low or very expensive. Rather you should focus on the points above. Once you master this, you can further apply it in platform independent strategies for acquisition of new customers! Google search ranking is only part of the Google world.

  • What about Google My Business, for example?
  • Have you spruced up your Google My Business channel?
  • Do you get reviews regularly?
  • Do you rate your business partners too?
  • Do you regularly post on Google My Business?
  • Have you published your videos on Youtube?

7. Fresh, fresher RE/MAX - that's why the industry portal is so exciting

In addition to the expensive platform giants, there is an alternative and more attractive industry penetrating solution for real estate agents. Our industry portal offers nationwide coverage and benefits from two well-known names: and It was created from an extensive alliance of Swiss real estate providers. The aim is to provide real estate providers with independent and cost-effective buyer leads. This is extremely attractive, especially for real estate agents. For example, RE/MAX publishes these properties exclusively on for only the first 24 hours, then the advertisements are placed directly on and The listings appear on payment portals another 48 hours later. Fresh, fresher – RE/MAX is not a slogan, its a promise.

Conclusion on the subject of online marketing

Of course, the seven strategies do not include all possible actions to circumvent the big platforms. But they're a good start. Start by creating your local homepage and cover the local market with your information first. Plan all your campaigns as personally as possible and look for customer proximity!

In a nutshell:

  • Think locally,
  • Become personal,
  • Be original and authentic,
  • Share real added value,
  • Stay tuned when someone shows interest.


Source: / article dated December 17, 2019

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