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Article from 23.03.2021
Best Office Winterthur

In February, RE/MAX Winterthur was once again happy to receive the “Best Office of the Month” award. RE/MAX Switzerland conducted a lengthy interview online with Robert Steiger (Broker Owner / Managing Director). In it, he reports how he and his team have perceived the months since the beginning of the corona pandemic. The observations that the real estate agents have made in regards to the changes in the real estate market in the Winterthur region as a whole are particularly interesting. Some real estate sectors have been hit harder by the crisis. But the team also sees opportunities in these areas to be exploited.


The interview with the RE/MAX team from Winterthur


As the Best Office in February 2021. What is your recipe for success?

The smile on the face of our satisfied customers! It is our motivation and goal every time. To achieve this, we rely on a high-quality, customer-related and transparent service.


How do you define your office?

If you add up all the years of professional experience brought by our team members, the team has a total of 180 years of industry experience. This is of course an enormous wealth of experience that makes us very strong! In addition, there is a high level of service, efficient tools, a well-functioning back office, a clear differential from our competitors and a large network that supports each other.


Why are you at RE/MAX?

We chose RE/MAX because we believe in the power of a common basic idea and a strong brand. We also like to exemplify the cooperation in a large network and the associated knowledge transfer.


How has your job changed during the corona pandemic?

The first three months there was a complete standstill, especially on the customer side. Nobody knew what was happening or what would happen back then. Fortunately, things got more flexible and relaxed a few months later. We all worked more in the home office. Thanks to the high level of motivation of all team members, we have succeeded in establishing a less personal but all the same personalized experience via constant and frequent electronic communication with our customers. During this time we have continued to see opportunities and we are happy that the real estate market has so far been more or less spared from a total collapse.


How is the real estate market in the Winterthur region performing at the moment? What developments do you expect in 2021?
There is currently an even stronger seller market in the residential property and small-scale investment sector. It will stay that way for the time being. The new construction sector is a little more difficult. In addition, there is currently a tendency towards «rural exodus» - whatever the moto, no matter where, the main thing is that we have something of our own. We see more reluctance among the baby boomer generation. Many are stuck in the sale of their own home, as an alternative retirement home is perhaps no longer an option. What we have also seen lately is a massive increase in the number of low-cost brokers in the market.


What do you recommend to property owners who are thinking of selling their property?

Selling of course with us! that's for sure. Preferably using the DAVE method. Example: According to bank estimates, a DEFH property in Winterthur was financed up to CHF 1,100,000. The market presence was CHF 1,250,000 (our offer price estimate) with a sales target of CHF 1,450,000 (our estimate). In the end, we sold the property through DAVE for CHF 1,560,000. That was a real win-win situation: two satisfied customers and a bonus of 0.5% successful commision fee for us.


How do you rate the potential of commercial real estate?
For us there is no such thing as THE commercial property. There are simply too many independent and related variables that have to be taken into account - investment properties versus owner-occupation, industrial zone versus central zone, etc. It is clear, however, that commercial properties (rental offers) have come under pressure from the corona pandemic, as have hotel and restaurant properties. The chances with these properties are clearly in their potential for conversion (in holiday areas also with regard to the topic of second homes). We are experienced in the field and happy to provide advice to all colleagues. Let's take the leap!


How will the value of office space develop in the long term?

Certainly it will develop differently from region to region - in general, however, in our opinion, there will tend to be a decrease in demand. But it is also possible that more space and technology will be required again due to the subject of “hygiene”. This means that the office landscape will change. The home office will not prevail everywhere because it is certainly not more efficient on the one hand and less social on the other. Anyway, in the end a mix will prevail as the best variant. I guess we will see.


What skills do real estate agents need to have to be successful in today’s market?

The most important things are above all entrepreneurial thinking and a high level of motivation. But as a real estate agent you also have to be a good seller and specialist. Anyone can google what it means to be a good salesperson. Real specialist knowledge is imparted, for example, in the RE/MAX Academy courses. Continuous further training is a must in our profession! But you always have to know your own limits.


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