Roger Landolt is "Best Agent in October"

Article from 23.12.2020

Roger Landolt from RE/MAX Immobilien Lachen has reason to be happy, he has received the “Best Agent” award for October. For every broker this is the confirmation that their own business model is right and reaññy brings success. RE/MAX Switzerland has presented the broker of the month with his certificate. After winning he was also asked for his tips for success as a broker. Below you will find his answers.

The interview with Roger Landolt from RE/MAX Immobilien Lachen

You have received the award for “Best Broker of the Month October”. What defines you as a broker ?

My customers can answer that better than myself. But really I think it's the overall package that convinces my customers. I guess that's why they choose me as their broker.


What motivates you to offer your customers the best possible service every day?

Seeing happy and satisfied facial expressions on the face of my sellers and buyers and comments like “everything from A to Z worked perfectly and to full satisfaction” this has been the greatest motivation for me.


RE/MAX Switzerland provides its franchise partners with a wide range of tools. Which tool in particular is the most helpful in achieving your success ?

The tools, when used, are all helpful to a broker’s success. For me personally, IMBAS, ilist, intranet or real estate search are the most important tools.  


Where does your passion for your work come from?

Passion is not the right word for me. It's the joy and fun of real estate in combination with direct customer contact. This enables me to develop professionally, “charge up” collegues and represent the RE/MAX brand optimally.


Why did you become a real estate agent?

I think it was a lucky coincidence. In my previous job I lacked the direct customer contact that allows me to have a real impact.


Would you share your best experience so far as a realtor with us?

There are so many wonderful experiences! For me, every order, every sale and every recommendation is a wonderful experience. Most beautiful are the moments when customers show emotions such as great joy or relief. Sometimes even tears of joy flow, which I always remember for a particularly long time.


What else do you want to achieve as a broker?

There are a few goals that I will strive for and achieve. However, these are not yet set in stone, but are in good hands, in my head. (laughs)


What tips do you give other RE/MAX brokers who want to be named “Best Broker of the Month”?

It is important to set goals and work hard to achieve them. You should appreciate and respect the people around you and always treat them as you wish. You should be convinced of what you are doing and act accordingly. Without ever being stubborn or arrogant.

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