Setting sail: The RE/MAX celebratory cruise

Article from 06.09.2021
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In keeping with tradition, RE/MAX Switzerland invited its jubilarians to join a cruise on Lake Lucerne. With 28 cheerful celebrants aboard, the boat set sail on August 26, 2021, heading for Obermatt, a restaurant in Ennetbürgen. Being part of a global network that offers support and help to its self-employed members is one of the major advantages of the RE/MAX concept. 5 to 20 years of collaboration within the RE/MAX network pays off; it has a positive effect, which became more than obvious when watching the people reveling on board.

A festive atmosphere during the RE/MAX anniversary on board

CEO Rainer Jöhl, photographer Roberto Conciatori and the RE/MAX event team welcomed the jubilarians outside the KKL in Luzern. It was a convivial atmosphere that set the tone for a sunny and bright day aboard the chartered boat that was awaiting its guests at the nearby dock.


After setting sail and before an aperitif was served, Rainer Jöhl held a short speech and thanked the 28 (out of 43) present jubilarians for their loyalty and their tireless commitment and effort in the name of RE/MAX. Once everyone had chinked their glasses, he presented each RE/MAX colleague with a certificate and a pin as a token of appreciation.


5-year anniversary: Gian Keifer (RE/MAX Immobilien in Affoltern am Albis), Sven Lott (RE/MAX Affoltern am Albis), Valentyna Pichler (RE/MAX Fribourg), Stefan Steiger (RE/MAX Minusio), Rolf Hüsser (RE/MAX Möhlin), Andi Burch (RE/MAX Sarnen), Emanuel Spirig (RE/MAX Winterthur), Claude Scholl (RE/MAX Meilen), Marianne Wullschleger (RE/MAX Möhlin), Roman Steiger (RE/MAX Winterthur), Jörg Flubacher (RE/MAX Reinach), Heinz Spahr (RE/MAX Zürich) Sabine Ebert (RE/MAX Küssnacht), Seraina Rampoldi (RE/MAX Switzerland), Daniel Maier (RE/MAX Eglisau), Ruth Jörg (RE/MAX Langenthal), Marion Schaupp (RE/MAX Ascona), Regula Graf (RE/MAX Ascona), Pascal Thummel (RE/MAX Pratteln)


The following colleagues celebrated their 10 years with RE/MAX: Sasha Stojmenovski (RE/MAX Wohlen), Monica Nies Aschwanden (RE/MAX Lugano), Hartmut Richter (RE/MAX Lausanne), Martin Taplik (RE/MAX Luzern), Flavia Bürgi (RE/MAX Minusio), Marco Rupp (RE/MAX Belp), Nathanael Regez (RE/MAX Belp), Peter Schüpbach (RE/MAX Belp), Marc Leuenberger (RE/MAX Belp), Oliver Ebert (RE/MAX Küssnacht), Francesco Orofino (RE/MAX Lugano), David Hertig (RE/MAX Belp)


15 years and going strong: Walter Minder (RE/MAX Langenthal), Hans Simon (RE/MAX Interlaken), Urs Felber (RE/MAX Liestal), Anton Hasenböhler (RE/MAX Möhlin), Steven Stevelic (RE/MAX Horgen), Peter Frischknecht (RE/MAX Lachen), Volker Nies (RE/MAX Lugano), Monica Engelsberger (RE/MAX Mendrisio), Christoph Nünlist (RE/MAX Lugano)


These colleagues can look back at 20 years with RE/MAX: Stefania Arceri (RE/MAX Ascona), Bruno Murer (RE/MAX Buochs), Liliane Frautschi (RE/MAX Winterthur)


An easygoing day with RE/MAX on Lake Lucerne

The boat’s destination was Gasthof Obermatt in Ennetbürgen. The restaurant is situated at the foot of the Bürgenstock and can only be reached by foot or boat. During the cruise, the celebrants - all of whom know each other from previous events, training courses or collaborative RE/MAX projects - were able to revel in memories and enjoy the views over Rigi, Bürgenstock, the Meggenhorn castle and Pilatus. The weather was at its best, with sunshine and pleasant temperatures contributing to the pleasant atmosphere aboard.


The boat reached its destination in time for lunch and all guests were treated to a delicious meal at Gasthof Obermatt. The boat sailed back to Lucerne in the afternoon and everyone went their own way. In order to make sure that everyone will remember this special day, photographer Roberto took an abundance of photos.

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