Start with Home Staging

Article from 30.04.2021
Start with Home Staging

Home Staging is more than just preparing to have a good sale, it is helping buyers to imagine themselves living in a certain space. It can be viewed as an emotional contributor towards the sale, where buyers see not only a new home, but a new life. If you're wondering where to start, here are the top five tips to consider for home staging:

1 Keep it clean

The best and easiest way to make a good impression:
make sure the house is clean and tidy. Ventilate the house to make sure there are no lingering odors and have the floors cleaned - a new carpet in a strategic location can enhance an area and create a great impression! Don’t forget to remove personal items from the house.

2 Clean, but not empty

Emptying everything can actually give the impression that a room is smaller. In addition, most buyers have difficulty imagining furniture in an empty room and may think that their furniture will not fit into the space. An empty house may seem cold or uninviting to buyers, which is why empty properties take much longer to sell. So keep some furniture in the house, and use flowers or a basket of fruit to make the space look lively and attractive.

3 Rearrange furniture

When it comes to furniture: Less is more. The less furniture there is in each room, the more spacious the house will be and grouping the furniture into groups will not only be more welcoming, but also more attractive, and will transform a difficult space into a selling point. Arrange different types of spaces in the house, such as offices or entertainment spaces, and don't forget to also stage the outdoor spaces!

4 Make the style neutral

The ultimate goal of staging is to make a home attractive to as many potential buyers as possible, and what looks good to the seller may not look elegant to the buyer. So keep the style of the house simple and classic - now is not the time to experiment - and make sure that the master bedroom can please everyone by staying neutral.

5 Light it up

Light gives life to a room and creates a pleasing atmosphere in almost any space. Good lighting helps draw attention to the positive features of the house and can also create the illusion of rooms being larger, taller or wider that they actually are. So open the blinds or curtains and replace the discolored or outdated shades. Use multiple types of light sources in each room to add interest and enhance the versatility of the room.


Should you hire a professional?

Many of these steps can be done by the seller with your help, but hiring a professional home stager can make your job a lot easier and give you better results. Most sellers have lived in a space for so long that they have no perspective and can ignore the real possibilities of a room. But a professional home stager will look objectively at the space and will be able to present the house to its full potential.

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