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Article from 16.09.2020
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Every month RE/MAX real estate agents from all over Switzerland enter into competition where the broker with the most real estate deals receives the "Best Broker of the Month" award. In July, Stefan Pichler, broker and owner of RE/MAX Immobilien Friborg and Lausanne, prevailed over his competitors. He and his team are very happy about the success. RE/MAX Switzerland conducted a live interview with the lucky winner via Streamyard and asked him a few questions about his success. Below is a short extract.

Excerpt from the live interview with Stefan Pichler

Stefan, you received the award for “Best Broker for the Month of July”. What makes you special as a broker?

I get up every day with joy and a desire to do my utmost best for my customers and make the best of those relationships.


What motivates you to offer your customers the best possible service every day?

The joy of people, connecting sellers with buyers and accompanying them on their way to selling or buying a property.


RE/MAX Switzerland provides its franchise partners with a wide range of tools. Which tool is particularly helpful for you to be so successful?

For me, all tools are actually very important. However, if I had to highlight three, it would have to be the CRM, the evaluation tools and of course DAVE - the digital quotation process.


Where does the passion for your job come from?

The interaction between people and real estate is an emotional and exciting matter. Being able to work in this field is what fascinates me.


Please share your best experience as a Realtor so far with us?

For me, every sale is a special experience. It's always about making both parties happy: the seller and the buyer. When the keys are handed over, things usually get very emotional and both sides exude happiness.


What else do you want to achieve as a broker?

I just want to keep doing the best for my customers every day. Success is then my reward!


What tips do you give other RE / MAX agents who want to be named “Best Agent of the Month”?

There is really only one piece of advice that I can give to real estate agents who are new to the business: To be successful as a real estate agent, you need a lot of discipline and you always have to stay focused.


How is the current market in the Friborg and Lausanne region?

I think after our difficult start to the year and after we had to close for two months, the market has recovered very well. I would even say we have been able to catch up perfectly. After the lockdown, people were extremely interested in real estate and that is currently continuing. Fortunately, we have a lot of orders and are always looking forward to new ones.


Why did you actually become a real estate agent?

It's a passion - Enjoying the connection we develop with our customers.

Let the specialist advise you personally

If you are looking for a property in the Friborg and Lausanne area or want to sell one, then you should contact Stefan Pichler. He will also provide you with the best possible support with his many years of expertise in all real estate issues. You can find him and his team here:


Lausannegasse 45
Rue de Madeleine 6
CH-1700 Freiburg


M +41 77 422 66 83
T +41 26 322 11 77

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