Success repeats for the RE/MAX team in Eglisau.

Article from 15.07.2020
Success repeats for the RE/MAX team in Eglisau
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When the RE/MAX team in Eglisau was asked last October: "Now that you have been named Best Office in October whats next?", The team replied: "Go on and repeat this same success next year!" Well they did exactly that despite the difficult conditions caused by Corona in recent months. In July, RE/MAX Switzerland CEO, Rainer Jöhl, again presented the two time winners with the “Best Agent and Best Office of the Month this time for June 2020”. In the interview, Markus Kohler and his team revealed what contributed to their success and their new goals for the coming months.


The interview with the real estate agents from Eglisau

What does the “Best Office of the Month” award in June mean to you?
Team: Especially in this difficult time with corona virus and lockdowns, this is a very nice award! It proves that our work is delivered with the highest quality, that we are very innovative and have been lucky enough to enjoy the trust of our customers for many years.


What went particularly well this month? How did you manage to assert yourself over the other RE/MAX branches in June?
Team: There is always a bit of luck involved. We were able to certify a particularly large number of properties in June. However, we were already very digital on the road before the crisis. For example, we have been offering 360 ° online tours for all of our properties for some time. This helped us a lot in this crisis – that is if you can really call it a real estate crisis.


Markus, RE/MAX Switzerland provides its franchise partners a wide range of tools. Which tool is particularly helpful for your team in order to be so successful?
Markus:  The redesigned marketing center is certainly very helpful. This enables us brokers to carry out marketing measures and advertise very easily and quickly. Another very good tool is DAVE (digital bidding process). With this innovative tool we are one step ahead of the competition. I think this will be the future of real estate sales. Thanks to this tool, our customers have full transparency and sellers get the best possible market price for their property.


What 3 tips would you give to a franchise partner who is new to the real estate market with a real estate agency?
Team: Our tips would be: to advertise in the local newsletters, to distribute flyers in the expert area and to join a trade association. The fourth thing is: always be active!


Markus, was there any customer contact this month that you particularly remember?
Markus Kohler: Yes, there was indeed! I recently made a family happy again. I managed to sell their apartment very quickly. Which enabled the family - also through me - to buy their dream home. These are sometimes very emotional moments. In this case, the seller of the house was seriously ill. He wanted to sell his house for his family before he died. Thankfully everything went perfectly! I was able to make both my buyers and sellers very happy. Its at moments like this that I litterally get goose bumps even after all these years in real estate industry. It moments like this that motivate me to get up every day and do my best.


What makes you unique as a team?
Team: We are a very well-coordinated team, that work together very effectively and professionally. Everyone can rely on one another with blind trust. We understand each other perfectly not only in business, but also in private! It is a lot of fun to work together and to be successful together. That is the most important thing to be successful - you have to enjoy what you do.


Best Office in June and now?
Team: Carry on and repeat the success in the next few months.


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