The advantages of home staging or home styling

Article from 29.06.2020
The advantages of home staging or home styling
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Home staging and home styling are sales-promoting measures for the optimal marketing of a property. The aim is to stage the property in the best possible way so that as many potential buyers as possible are attracted. The overall picture of a property influences the sales speed and the sales price. RE/MAX Switzerland explains the most important advantages of home staging in the following.


The difference between home staging and home styling

Home staging and home styling pursue the same goal, namely to optically upgrade a property in or-der to sell or rent it in the best possible way. Interested parties should be able to imagine living in the property when looking at photos. Depending on the condition and interior of the property, you can choose between home staging or home styling:

Home staging is more extensive than home styling. The expert (home stager) first carries out a needs analysis and then works out a detailed concept with various proposed solutions. The complete pack-age usually contains a professional photo shoot. It is also possible to create a sales video with a virtual tour of the property. But cleaning or clearing out, painting or renting furniture may also be necessary for optimal marketing of the property.


Savvy brokers often offer their customers home styling as an additional service. Just a few specific steps and accessories can give a property a huge visual impact and make it more comfortable. These include e.g. neutral bedspreads, pillows, pretty decorative items, fresh fruit, flowers or a festive table. All of this helps to make the property appear as attractive as possible in photos and to ensure the right feel-good atmosphere when viewed.


The advantages of home staging or home styling

The effort and cost of home staging or home styling usually pay off for both buyers and sellers of a property. Interested buyers often lack the ability to imagine empty, uncomfortable or unfinished rooms. Home staging or home styling makes it easier for these people to see the property in the right light.


These sales-promoting measures ensure that potential buyers feel at home immediately when viewing the property. Targeted staging of the property increases demand and shortens marketing time. A well-groomed and appealing appearance also has an impact on the sale price, as the property appears to be of higher quality through the remodeling. Home staging or home styling often saves lengthy price negotiations or price reductions.


Real estate agents can do the above, essentially just confirming the benefits. Besides who doesn’t enjoy presenting a well-kept property and sensing viewers appreciation. Ultimately, brokers are "wish-fulfillers and bridge builders". A home should be the place where the soul feels comfortable. The best opportunity for customers to have this feeling is when they first contact a property. Real estate agents are bestowed with a great and beautiful responsibility, that of accompanying their customers into a new phase of life - every day and with every property anew. Home staging or home styling supports them in successfully accomplishing this endevour.


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