The RE/MAX Collection Immobiliare Ascona – Best Office September 2021

Article from 20.10.2021
The RE/MAX Collection Immobiliare Ascona – Best Office September 2021

2021 can definitely be called RE/MAX Collection Ascona’s special year. In September, the team around Robert Marcec was voted “Best Office of the Month” for the fourth time in 2021. In all interviews so far, the agents have been emphasising the importance of their collaboration, which seems to be an unbeatable success formula if combined with the right strategy and a certain amount of luck. In the following interview with RE/MAX Switzerland you can find out about the real estate experts advice for anyone toying with the idea of purchasing property right now.

The interview with the RE/MAX team in Ascona

Once again you have been voted “Best Office of the Month”! What went particularly well in September?
Yes, we are very happy about that! As always, we think this can be attributed to the fact that we are a fantastic team with a really good internal collaboration. In September, we were able to generate several larger property sales and we are very proud to have been named Switzerland’s Best Office yet again.


Tell us about how you are perceiving the current real estate market in your region, the Canton of Ticino?
The demand for property is still high. Many customers are currently looking for their personal dream house in the Ticino region, with safety playing a major role. And safety is one thing you are sure to find in Switzerland. We also see a rise in interest with prospective buyers looking for an oasis somewhere warm. After all, the region around Lago Maggiore is known for its many hours of sunshine.

With regards to still rising property prices, would you suggest to sell or to rather let?
It really depends; it is impossible to give a general answer to that question. If a property owner does not necessarily need the money right now, it is a good idea to let. Letting can currently generate a good income. However, someone wanting to achieve the best possible selling price should ideally sell now. After all, the market is driven by demand.

What is the advantage of selling property now that prices are still increasing?
It is comparable to the stock market, where you can never be sure when the trend will be going downhill again. If you are waiting too long, you may miss the perfect timing. On the other hand, many acquiring parties will wait until the prices are hitting rock bottom, which is also hard to predict. Currently, we are still seeing a stable sidewards trend.

What is your advice for people wanting to purchase a property in the current market?
Make sure to purchase your property with RE/MAX! You can be sure to receive professional support and a guaranteed smooth transaction. An acquiring party will always pay as much as they feel a property - or anything else for that matter - is worth. That is why as long as you have a good feeling about something you should go for it. In the long run, I do not expect real estate prices to decrease.

Selling your property with the successful team in in Ascona

If you don’t want to miss the right time to sell your property or find a new home - including luxury-class real estate - around Lago Maggiore, then the successful team in Ascona is your go-to partner. Contact them to arrange a free and non-committal consultation with one of the agents at RE/MAX Collection Ascona. The experienced real estate agents will support you with a suite of professional tools in all your needs, from selling your property to finding your perfect new home.


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