Thomas Bareiss - Best Agent September 2021

Article from 20.10.2021
Thomas Bareiss - Best Agent September 2021

When asked what they appreciate most about his services, Thomas Bareiss’ customers will tell you that it is his tireless commitment, his flair and his customer-oriented service. This combination is paying off, which is why the RE/MAX Zollikofen agent has been voted Best Agent of September 2021. Find out what the experienced real estate expert has to tell property owners who are currently thinking of selling.

The interview with Thomas Bareiss

You have been voted best agent of the month in September. What sets you apart from other agents?
It is hard to answer that question. Feedback from my customers suggests that my most notable skill is of an interpersonal nature. My customers appreciate that I am willing to give more than what they deem average. Another strength might be my sales talent. I see hard-to-sell property as an exciting challenge, which is probably what sets me apart from others.


Why have you decided to become a real estate agent?
This question is easy to answer: My professional background is in interior design and sales, and I have always been interested in real estate. Back in the day I wanted to study architecture, which however never happened. I had the dream to combine my joy in working with different people with my talent for sales and my professional experience. Being a real estate agent has allowed and is still allowing me to do so.


Why are you with RE/MAX?
It just makes sense to pursue a profession independently while at the same time being able to profit from a team in the background. It’s real fun being able to swap ideas and to support one another within the world’s largest network of real estate agents. And that is why I am with RE/MAX.


What skills does a real estate agent need in order to succeed in today’s market?
I think that above all you should be enthusiastic and command a certain negotiating power. Obviously, expertise and motivation are other necessities for anyone wanting to succeed as a real estate agent.


What does the current real estate market in your region look like? What developments do you expect for the remainder of the year?

I am certain that we will see a further increase in people wanting to own a home and/or more living space. The corona crisis has been driving prices and I expect this development to remain unchanged for a while. It remains to be seen what the looming inflation and possibly increasing interest rates will do to the market.


What is your advice for homeowners toying with the idea of selling their property?

It is important to get a comprehensive consultation and having your property estimated by an agent who knows your region. There is a strong fluctuation of selling prices in today’s market. An estimate from six months back can be off by as much as 15 % today. Additionally, you should consider fiscal aspects - something that unfortunately tends to be forgotten quite often. The sale of your property should be executed by someone professional - it is definitely worth it!

Profit from working with a real estate agent

Make sure to consult with an expert when thinking of selling your property. Not only is Thomas Bareiss an trained and experienced agent but he also has an extensive network in the wider Bern area. You can profit from his negotiating power as well as his marketing expertise. A perfect marketing strategy is a must in order to achieve the best price in today’s market and Thomas Bareiss will develop the ideal concept for you. Thanks to first-class imagery, video and drone recordings he is able to present your property in the best light possible, which is why you should not hesitate to contact him for a first non-committal consultation.


Thomas Bareiss
Phone: +41 79 469 61 85

RE/MAX Immobilien in Zollikofen
Ambassador Dienstleistungen AG
Bernstrasse 131
3052 Zollikofen


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