Career changers are welcome: we’ll help you get started in the property sector

Career changers are welcome:
we’ll help you get started in the property sector

New opportunities and fulfilling work

How do the following prospects sound to you: being your own boss, managing your own time independently, determining your own career success – making it all the more satisfying. Make the most of your potential and gain your independence now at RE/MAX. Get started in your career as an estate agent or branch manager – we’ll support you to the best of our abilities.

Our (online) information event: lovely to see you!

(Online) appointments and application

The benefits of being at RE/MAX – become your own boss.

  • The brand

    People trust strong brands. Take advantage of people’s long-established trust in us and benefit from our globally recognised brand and consistent image right from the outset.

  • The network

    “Independent but not alone,” that’s our motto at RE/MAX. You’ll benefit from our huge network while enjoying the utmost commercial freedom. You can interact with experienced estate agents at any time and benefit from exchanging valuable knowledge.

  • Build a business

    Build your own business within RE/MAX’s franchise system. Maximum entrepreneurial freedom for individual RE/MAX partners is the driving force behind maximum customer satisfaction.

  • The training

    At RE/MAX Academy, you’ll get to enjoy extensive, hands-on training from the ground up, so that the advice you provide will keep your future customers satisfied.

    RE/MAX Academy

The information and application process: how to join RE/MAX.

It’s nice not having to go it alone when starting off on the path to independence. At RE/MAX, we will support you in one-to-one advisory sessions and the RE/MAX offices will help you meet specific requirements – for example the higher federal certificate of competence for the property sector required in the Canton of Ticino.

5 steps in the new chapter of your life

1. Free information event

Which opportunities will open up for you? How does RE/MAX’s system work? How high will your investment costs be? Find out more at one of our free (online) information events – no strings attached.

Appointments and registration

2. Send in application documents

Does the idea of becoming a RE/MAX branch manager or estate agent feel right for you? Then send us an application. We look forward to hearing from you.

Apply now

3. One-to-one careers and introductory consultations

We’ll arrange various consultations with you so that we can get to know each other better. These could be with specialists at RE/MAX Switzerland or a regional RE/MAX branch manager.

Arrange an advisory session

4. Contract signing

Have you decided to start a career at RE/MAX and are all the details now clear? Then there’s nothing stopping you from signing a contract. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Learn more about RE/MAX

5. Get started at RE/MAX

Welcome to the RE/MAX community of property professionals! We wish you happiness and success in your future as branch managers and estate agents. First, you’ll graduate from our hands-on training programme at the RE/MAX Academy to equip you with the right skill set for your career.

RE/MAX Academy

Why did our estate agents choose to get into the property sector?

  • «Because I like people! As an estate agent, I get to know a very intimate part of a person’s life for a brief time: their home. I feel honoured and motivated to do my best by the trust placed in me by my customers in that moment.

    Paul Stöckli, estate agent in Affoltern am Albis

  • «I was forced to change career and thought working as an estate agent looked very exciting. So I said to myself, “let’s try this out.” Since then, I’ve been a successful estate agent for 14 years and am very happy about the decision I made back then. »

    Jürg Grünenfelder, branch manager in Glarus

  • «I wanted to break out of the role of employee and build something of my own. As an independent estate agent, it’s down to me to make something for myself and achieve something with my career.»

    Daniel Maier, estate agent in Eglisau

  • «The independence was an exciting prospect to me. I’ve been working in sales, marketing and HR for 30 years and I’ve always been interested in the topic of “living”. This colourful combination is perfect for me! I can say that, career-wise, I’ve arrived.»


    Corinne Lehmann, estate agent in Belp

We’ll advise you about the career opportunities at RE/MAX!

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