Experts in the property sector:  a solid foundation for your business

Experts in the property sector:
a solid foundation for your business

Easing the load to help you succeed

We don’t want to tell you anything. We just want to offer you things. The growth potential of RE/MAX’s franchise system has already become a reality for countless thousands of estate agents – why shouldn’t you be one of them? As a RE/MAX partner, you’ll run your own business and make your own decisions. We have established processes and central services to make this change easier for you. Our global network will also give you the security you need to be able to work professionally in every phase of your business. In short, you’ll work with the utmost entrepreneurial freedom in accordance with RE/MAX’s values and standards – all designed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

RE/MAX will have your back

We can guarantee you attention and recognition. At RE/MAX, you’ll be working under the umbrella brand of the most successful global franchise system within the property sector. Whether it’s about contracts or exchanging expertise, you’ll get to take advantage of co-operating with the network of RE/MAX colleagues. You’ll benefit from other people’s experiences and also get access to proven processes and tools. In addition to goal-oriented training, professional development and valuable support, there will also be competitive advantages.

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Benefits of being with RE/MAX: take your business to the next level

  • The brand

    People trust strong brands. As a globally recognised brand, RE/MAX has established an enormous trust base over the last few decades. You’ll get to take advantage of this from the get go as an estate agent, for example by benefiting from our consistent brand image.

  • Building a business

    The blueprint for your success: within the RE/MAX franchise system, you’ll build your own business or take your existing business to the next level. There will be no unnecessary red tape, as customer satisfaction requires RE/MAXimum entrepreneurial freedom.

  • The network

    At RE/MAX, you won’t be alone. You’ll benefit from an international network of experience and actively take advantage of its wealth of knowledge, so as to get the best market price for your sellers and find the best buyers for properties.

  • The tools

    Focus on your own strengths: at RE/MAX, you won’t have to think about the tools behind the agency process. We’ll provide you with established processes and a comprehensive tool kit to make your work more productive and efficient. Your customers will appreciate it.


Information and application process: how to join RE/MAX.

The preparatory steps will be essential on your journey into the future. That’s why we’ll support you in one-to-one advisory sessions. The RE/MAX offices will also help you meet specific requirements – for example the higher federal certificate of competence for the property sector required in the Canton of Ticino.

Reach a new career level in 5 stages

1. Free information event

Which opportunities will open up for you as a property professional? How does the RE/MAX franchise system work? What are the costs involved? Find out more at one of our free (online) information events – no strings attached.

Appointments and registration

2. Send in application documents

Would you like to build your own business under the RE/MAX umbrella brand or take your existing property business to the next level? Then send us an application. We look forward to receiving it.

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3. One-to-one careers and introductory consultations

We’ll arrange various consultations with you so that we can get to know each other better. Here, you’ll find out everything about your opportunities. The meetings might be with us at RE/MAX Switzerland or with a regional RE/MAX branch manager.

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4. Contract signing

Have you decided to become a franchisee or licensee at RE/MAX and are all the details now clear? Then there’s nothing stopping you from signing a contract. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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5. Get started at RE/MAX

Welcome to the RE/MAX community of property professionals! We wish you happiness and success in your future as branch managers and estate agents.

Why we founded our RE/MAX branch

  • «We’re always stronger together than alone. In our shared office, we can exchange knowledge and also benefit from other RE/MAX offices and RE/MAX Switzerland. Collaborating with estate agents in other regions is also a big plus. You’ll only ever find this at RE/MAX. This opportunity ultimately means added value for our customers.»

    RE/MAX Immobilien Belp

  • «RE/MAX is the largest property network in the world. The brand’s positive reputation, the interaction among the agents, the IT tools available to us and the constant professional development are real boons for working more efficiently in the property sector.»

    The RE/MAX Collection real estate Ascona

  • «It’s true that RE/MAX is the largest property network in the world. For us, there are only advantages to joining such a large community. People trust RE/MAX as a brand, as its name is known all over the world. This is, of course, extraordinarily helpful in succeeding, including here in this region.»

    RE/MAX real estate Epalinges

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Regardless of whether you are interested in real estate brokerage, RE/MAX in general, training with RE/MAX or managing an office, we are happy to help.