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The RE/MAX Academy will make you a real estate professional.

When it comes to implementing our guiding principle of “everybody wins”, the technical knowledge and expertise of our real estate agents is an important prerequisite. You’ll really benefit from the training to become a real estate professional and your future clients will benefit from your professional guidance. As soon as you have successfully completed our RE/MAX Academy, you can build your own career as an independent RE/MAX real estate agent. Our series of specialist modules, seminars and webinars continually offer you further training opportunities with a high degree of practical relevance.

For real estate professionals...

The RE/MAX Academy concept has a modular structure. This means the individual skills of our participants are considered and our approach is also perfect for independent real estate agents who want to come and work for RE/MAX. The training we offer prepares RE/MAX office managers looking to open their own branch or purchase a franchise for their new endeavours. Existing real estate professionals benefit from the RE/MAX’s great marketing experience and discover the latest developments and trends that real estate professionals apply every day.

... and people making a new career move from another industry

Experienced professionals wanting to get into the real estate industry are fully trained from scratch. The “RE/MAX customer experience” forms the basis of our process oriented training, which teaches participants the necessary skills for all stages in practice. The active self study element and approach of passing direct feedback between the instructors and participants play an important role in this.

The RE/MAX Academy in detail

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On the job training

We’ve been successfully training real estate agents since 2005. The dual training approach combines practical, on the job training with learning modules at the RE/MAX Academy.

Benefits you can enjoy:

  • Efficient and professional concept for basic and further training
  • The perfect combination of theory and practice
  • Top value for money
  • Foundation for working as a real estate agent with RE/MAX

Admissions criteria

Those wishing to attend RE/MAX Academy courses must have a valid licensee contract or employment contract with a RE/MAX franchisee or licensee.

Do you have any questions about your career?

Do you have any questions about our training? Would you like any more information? We can help you!

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This is what our graduates say

  • Urs Ferrario

    “I go home with a treasure trove full of knowledge and lots of new contacts. Although I had already been self employed in my career, there was lots of scope for me to learn new things. This is why I highly recommend the RE/MAX Academy. It really is a fantastic course with excellent instructors!”

    Real estate agent, RE/MAX Interlaken

    Urs Ferrario RE/MAX
  • Cornelia Rusch

    “The RE/MAX Academy offers a very practical course. After the training, you have the right toolbox of specialist knowledge and practical tips for your future profession. This gives me the peace of mind I need. I couldn’t imagine starting work as a real estate agent without this training”.

    Real estate agent, RE/MAX St. Gallen

    Cornelia Rusch RE/MAX
  • Cihan Salda

    “I would like to praise the fantastic instructors at the RE/MAX Academy! They provided us with important expertise for real estate agents and demonstrated it with practical examples. I learned lots of new things and this is why I recommend the RE/MAX Academy to everyone”.

    Real estate agent, RE/MAX Wallisellen

    Cihan Salda RE/MAX
  • Vlora Konaj

    “I learned so much at the RE/MAX Academy. Personally, the legal topics were extremely interesting for me above all else”.

    Real estate agent, RE/MAX Lucerne

    Vlora Konaj RE/MAX
  • Karin Signorini

    “Anyone who wants to become a real estate agent should do this course. At the RE/MAX Academy, you learn things you can’t learn anywhere else. Now I feel ready for my career as a real estate agent and I also feel part of a family”.

    Real estate agent, RE/MAX Bellinzona

    Karin Signorini RE/MAX
  • Reto Friedrich

    “As someone coming from another industry, I learned a lot at the RE/MAX Academy. But I think that experienced real estate agents could also benefit from this training, as the topic content really was wide ranging and selected very well. Not only was specialist knowledge imparted but other topics such as marketing were also dealt with”.

    Real estate agent, RE/MAX Saas Fee

    Reto Friedrich RE/MAX
  • Sabrina Ziegler

    “I can genuinely recommend the RE/MAX Academy to every real estate agent. Here, the basic knowledge required is passed on – marketing, the right approach to dealing with customers, telemarketing etc. Many thanks to the fantastic instructors too! Now I feel well equipped to start my career as a real estate agent”.

    Real estate agent, RE/MAX St. Gallen

    Sabrina Ziegler RE/MAX

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