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Basic and further training

The custom-designed training concept

The RE/MAX Academy concept has a modular structure. The training concept includes e-learning for independent learning (at a time and place to suit the learner), online seminars at fixed times and face to face teaching in our branch in Rothenburg. Some events and meetings also take place on a decentralised basis.

YOU & RE/MAX: Welcome to the RE/MAX network!

YOU & RE/MAX is your way into the RE/MAX network. You can find out everything about RE/MAX, our tools and the RE/MAX standards here. This module is compulsory for all new RE/MAX system members and must be taken within 90 days of joining the RE/MAX network.

The module contains at least 32 lessons, of which 8 are face to face in Rothenburg.

Training as a RE/MAX real estate agent

The training is compulsory for all future RE/MAX real estate agents. People coming from other industries must complete the entire training cycle. Experienced real estate agents can dispense with certain parts of the training if agreed in a placement interview.

The entire training comprises 192 face to face lessons in Rothenburg. In addition, the same number of hours have to be invested in online study and independent study. Until the training to become a RE/MAX real estate agent is successfully completed, the title “Real estate agent in training” must always be used by way of introduction. As a member in a team, the title of assistant may also be suitable.


Here you can find the academic data for the year 2022.

Module 1: Marketing training

Future RE/MAX real estate agents learn the individual tasks on customer trips involving sellers or buyers. You will discover the arguments which help advance negotiations and seal deals and learn the relevant aspects of sales psychology. One component of marketing training also about dealing with new media and technology which help you to get new leads and work productively.

Module 2: Specialist seminar

The specialist seminar is about the specialist training of future real estate agents. You will be instructed in the following subjects by experienced lecturers:

  • Real estate evaluation
  • Contract law
  • Real estate law
  • Finance
  • Tax law
  • Construction expertise

Diploma exam

The diploma exam consists of an oral and a written component. You receive your diploma as qualified RE/MAX real estate agent after passing the exam.

Admissions criteria

Those wishing to attend RE/MAX Academy courses must have a valid licensee contract or employment contract with a RE/MAX franchisee or licensee.

Proof of reputation to complete diploma exam

Proof of reputation with the following documents must be submitted when registering for the diploma examination:

Further training makes you a RE/MAX expert

You can benefit from the various further education opportunities in the RE/MAX Academy after successfully training to become a RE/MAX real estate agent. We continuously update our range of training courses and adapt it to the needs of real estate agents and market demands.

  • Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, XING, Google My Business)
  • Real estate valuation specialist
  • Private and inheritance law
  • Real estate and tax

You can hear the opinions of our RE/MAX real estate experts here:

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Events and meetings

When people meet, trust and emotional ties are created. Our events and meetings are an important component of the RE/MAX system. Our events and meetings are about exchanging common experiences and recognising market developments together. Our events and meetings are about cosy get-togethers and celebrating success.