Your health is your wealth!

Dear customers

The shorter and colder days mean that the risk of contracting the coronavirus is significantly higher. We need to continue taking responsibility and putting the rules on hygiene and social distancing before our daily routines, and before our business processes too. This is mainly to protect our own health and that of the people around us, but also to prevent the need for further restrictions on our private and business freedoms.

The real estate market is still resisting the coronavirus crisis. With the exception of prices for condominiums in the high-end market, prices for condominiums and detached properties continue to rise. As a result, the real estate market only needs to be corrected in a few market segments and a property crisis is not on the cards. If you are interested in the value of your property, and especially how it has changed, RE/MAX offers you real estate monitoring which informs you about how the value of your property is developing on a quarterly basis.

  • 1. What are the most important behavioural and hygiene rules for preventing the spread of coronavirus?

    • In order to contain the spread of “SARS-CoV-2”, which is better known as coronavirus, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) has established the following behavioural and hygiene rules :
      • The distance between two people must be at least 1.5 meters. If this is not possible, the contact duration must be as short as possible or suitable protective measures, for example wearing a hygiene mask, must be taken.
      • Hands must be washed regularly with soap and water. If this is not possible, hand sanitiser must be used.
      • Handshakes and kisses to say hello should be avoided.
      • Work surfaces and objects need to be disinfected regularly.
      • Surfaces and objects that are handled by more than one person must be cleaned regularly.
      • Communal areas must be aired regularly.
      • Cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow.
      • You must stay at home if you have symptoms of the illness.
      • Especially vulnerable people should avoid public transport and wear a face mask.
  • 2. Meetings in person

      • 2.1 Can I have a meeting in person with a real estate agent?

        • Yes, there is no general prohibition on the activities of real estate agents. Meetings can take place at any time in your home or in a RE/MAX office. meet
      • 2.2 What do I need to be especially aware of at a meeting in person?

        • The following points must be observed:
          • Stick to the behavioural and hygiene rules (see Point 1).
          • Please send documents by post or e-mail before the appointment. You can also use your smartphone to take photos of paper documents and send them using WhatsApp.
          • Part or all of the meeting can always take place outside.
      • 2.3 What are the alternatives to meeting in person?

        • Many details can be discussed over the phone or by video call. RE/MAX real estate agents can provide you with the necessary tools free of charge. Signing contracts without prior personal contact is not recommended.
  • 3. Photos and visualisations

      • 3.1 How can professional photos and visualisations be created?

        • Your RE/MAX real estate agent will instruct you on how to prepare your house or apartment. On the day of the photo shoot, you should:
          • Completely air your house or apartment and take the preparatory measures agreed. Your RE/MAX real estate agent will give you a checklist.
          • Keep a safe distance from the photographer when they arrive and do not shake hands.
          • Ensure that your pets are not roaming freely.
          • After greeting the photographer, please leave the house or apartment.
          • The photographer will call you as soon as the work is finished. The shoot usually takes 2-3 hours.
      • 3.2 Can I take photos of my property myself?

        • RE/MAX places immense value on presenting your property professionally. For this reason, we do not allow own-ers to take their own photos.
  • 4. Open House

      • 4.1 Are open house events taking place?

        • Open house events are allowed. As organizers, we are responsible for assuring compliance of the current rules of conduct and hygiene, as well as implementing a protection plan for our events.
  • 5. Property viewings

      • 5.1 Can properties be viewed by prospective buyers?

        • From professional real estate evaluations to final decisions, properties cannot be sold without being viewed in detail first. RE/MAX real estate agents only allow serious prospective buyers to view properties. Your RE/MAX real estate agent will ensure that the prospective buyers have seen all the documents (e.g. 360-degree visualisations) for your property before the viewing.
      • viewings

        5.2 How does a viewing work?

        • Your RE/MAX real estate agent is responsible for upholding the behavioural and hygiene rules during the physical viewing. For this, they are of course reliant on your help. As the seller, please ensure that it is possible to wash hands on the site and that you have properly aired the rooms before the viewing. The meeting point should be outside if possible.

          Your RE/MAX real estate agent will explain exactly how the viewing will work with both parties in advance, adapt it to your requirements and respond to any challenges. Please do not hesitate to contact your RE/MAX real estate agent at any time if you have any questions.
      • 5.3 Are there alternatives to a physical property viewing?

        • RE/MAX real estate agents can show the prospective buyer the rooms in the property and answer any questions they may have about the property via a video call. Speak to your real estate agent about the option of a digital viewing.
  • 6. Can properties be handed over?

    • Yes, properties can be handed over. It is also possible to move house. The behavioural and hygiene guidelines must be adhered to. The subsequent recording of the handover process can be completed by e-mail.

      Contact your RE/MAX real estate agent. We look forward to doing our best for you. Stay healthy!