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RE/MAX brings sector leaders together.

RE/MAX real estate experts are professionals. They have comprehensive training and undertake to participate in regular continuous development initiatives. Every two years, RE/MAX real estate experts must recertify. This involves a review of customer feedback, adherence to RE/MAX standards and individual reputations.

RE/MAX real estate experts have been in the RE/MAX network for at least three years and achieve annual sales of over CHF 200,000. A significant part of the success of a RE/MAX real estate expert is active participation in the RE/MAX network, which is strengthened by regular joint business and referrals.


Brigitte Hegglin | RE/MAX Immobilien Uster

"I have been successfully working in the real estate industry for many years with joy and passion. While you are relaxing, your hobbies, your family or your work, I do the complex real estate sales for you. Let us tackle it together, implement it and crown it successfully . Because I will carry you and your project on hands. "

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Brigitte Hegglin | RE/MAX Topimmo - Uster RE/MAX
Corinne Lehmann | RE/MAX Ambassador - Belp RE/MAX

Corinne Lehmann | RE/MAX Immobilien Belp

"Because buying or selling a property is one of the most important decisions in life, the following applies:" Your gut feeling is a smart mind! " So be critical and demanding when choosing the broker who can accompany you. I am constantly developing myself and my work to support you competently and professionally. Above all, however, I treat every single object of sale as a very special piece of jewelry. "

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Daniel Rischgasser | RE/MAX Immobilien Lenzburg

"I focus on your needs. Thanks to my more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, I can outline a tailor-made solution for you. As a RE / MAX expert in Switzerland's most successful broker network, I offer you noticeable added value. Believe me, I promise nothing I can't hold. Check me, I'm looking forward to your call. "

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Daniel Rischgasser | RE/MAX Lenzburg RE/MAX
Daniel Salzmann | RE/MAX Best Service - Konolfingen RE/MAX

Daniel Salzmann | RE/MAX Immobilien Konolfingen

"Honest and serious advice is important to me and my customers appreciate that. I have been working in the real estate industry for 25 years, 15 of which with RE / MAX. My motto: With experience and trust to success."

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Daniela Saredi-Ebneter | RE/MAX Immobilien Möhlin

"As a RE/MAX expert, I stand for first-class, innovative real estate brokerage in Fricktal and offer you the best solution for property sales and real estate brokerage - targeted, solution-oriented, with great commitment and passion. As a person, I feel connected to you in different life situations and understand your concerns. "

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Daniela Saredi-Ebneter | RE/MAX Unteres Fricktal - Möhlin RE/MAX
Elmar Mathieu | RE/MAX Oberwallis - Susten RE/MAX

Elmar Mathieu | RE/MAX Immobilien Susten

"Competence, friendliness, willingness, reliability, trustworthiness": such compliments from my customers challenge me and give me the impetus to always offer the best. For you, I live RE/MAX at the highest level. "

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Emanuel Spirig | RE/MAX Immobilien Winterthur

"I love real estate! It is my passion and joy in the truest sense, I let my customers feel that every day. Because the focus of every sale is happy and satisfied buyers and sellers."

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Emanuel Spirig | RE/MAX Winterthur RE/MAX
Gabriela Doescher | RE/MAX Zürichsee - Horgen RE/MAX

Gabriela Doescher | RE/MAX Immobilien Horgen

"A property is not just a commodity and goods, but a home and often associated with a lot of emotions. Bringing together a feeling for people and the right parties is my passion. Satisfied customers and their recommendation of my services have been my positive advertising 12 years of successful operation on Lake Zurich."

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Gabriela Weiss | The RE/MAX Collection Immobilien Zug

"The mediation of home ownership and exclusive real estate is my passion and a matter of trust. There is only one chance for a first impression - my credo to sell property with appreciation and high quality marketing at the best price. My customers are very satisfied, a reliable, committed and efficient broker at your side."

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Gabriela Weiss | The RE/MAX Collection Zug RE/MAX
Hans Simon | RE/MAX Interlaken RE/MAX

Hans Simon | RE/MAX Immobilien Interlaken

"Evaluating properties does not only mean measuring, calculating and multiplying. You also have to be able to sense and understand a property! A responsible real estate agent knows the surroundings and the location. I have this experience, the right know-how and the feel."

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Jürg Grünenfelder | RE/MAX Immobilien Glarus

"Local roots and a professional property presentation are important building blocks for successful property sales. Satisfied buyers and sellers are the most important reward for our work."

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Jürg Grünenfelder | RE/MAX Immobilien - Glarus RE/MAX
Karin Schönbächler | RE/MAX Wetzikon RE/MAX

Karin Schönbächler | RE/MAX Immobilien Wetzikon

"I have been successful, reliable, competent and motivated as a real estate agent since 2004. Since 2005 I have always been among the top ten in Switzerland, 3 of which are number 1. The customer is the focus and my goal is to make everyone happy after each sale and having satisfied buyers and sellers. My references and loyal regular customers can only confirm that."

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Marc Leuenberger | RE/MAX Immobilien Zollikofen

"Thanks to my competent, committed and trusting manner, I have been a RE / MAX expert since 2014. I look forward to supporting you with my professional know-how in your real estate sale or purchase."

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Marc Leuenberger | RE/MAX Ambassador - Zollikofen RE/MAX
Marie-Louise Rüetschi | RE/MAX Immopartners - Brugg RE/MAX

Marie-Louise Rüetschi | RE/MAX Immobilien Brugg

"With passion at work: For me, personal advice and support for buyers and sellers have top priority. My goal is to find good solutions so that customers are very satisfied and recommend me."

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Mario Steiger | RE/MAX Immobilien Winterthur

"Real estate marketer with a federal diploma and former notary notary. Successful in real estate at home since 2004. For the best possible sale of your house, apartment, apartment building or new construction project, you can rely on high quality, the necessary expertise, an extensive network of relationships, a strong brand and my great commitment count. I look forward to contributing my experience in buying, selling, renting or evaluating your home. Count on me and sit back!"

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Mario Steiger | RE/MAX Winterthur RE/MAX
Markus Kernen | RE/MAX Winterthur RE/MAX

Markus Kernen | RE/MAX Immobilien Winterthur

"Real estate is a matter of trust, trust in my more than 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, dealing with and respecting people and the worldwide network REMAX, the number 1 in Switzerland and worldwide. Test me - I want to exceed your expectations."

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Rainer Huber | RE/MAX Immobilien Winterthur

"Transparency, trust and solutions based on partnership. Maximum customer satisfaction is my top priority. After many years as an employee in construction, sales and as a manager, I have been working as an independent real estate agent in the RE/MAX network since July 1, 2013. I am a real estate agent out of passion and like to go the extra mile for my customers. "

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Rainer Huber | RE/MAX Winterthur RE/MAX
Roman Marostica | RE/MAX Wetzikon RE/MAX

Roman Marostica | RE/MAX Immobilien Wetzikon

"Reliability, flexibility and professional competence are not just words for me, but a vocation. The renewal to RE/MAX Expert underlines this. At the same time it is also the incentive for me to continue to make my customers happy with empathy and pleasure."

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Roman Steiger | RE/MAX Immobilien Winterthur

"My interest in real estate sales arose very early on and also led to me writing my bachelor's thesis on networking in the real estate industry. In it, I showed that you should be there for your environment and your customers around the clock with enthusiasm and pleasure in your job. With this attitude, I have now been on the road for several years and look forward to further exciting encounters."

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Roman Steiger | RE/MAX Winterthur RE/MAX
Sasha Stojmenovski | RE/MAX Style - Wohlen RE/MAX

Sasha Stojmenovski | RE/MAX Immobilien Wohlen

"I had my enthusiasm for real estate and people very early on and as a real estate agent I can use it every day. I have turned my hobby into my profession and I carry it out with enthusiasm. There is nothing more beautiful than to see the shining eyes of happy buyers and sellers when handing over the property."

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Sinan Kasap | RE/MAX Immobilien Luzern

"Through expertise and experience to success. Through my training in the real estate industry with the federal FA in real estate marketing and the MAS Real Estate Management, I strive to offer my clients the highest quality standard in all aspects of real estate marketing."

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Sinan Kasap | RE/MAX Luzern Exklusiv RE/MAX
Stefan Pichler | RE/MAX Poya - Fribourg RE/MAX

Stefan Pichler | RE/MAX Immobilier Fribourg

"As a RE / MAX expert, I have the largest network in Switzerland, in Europe and worldwide. This serves my customers, sellers as well as buyers. Professional and serious valuation of the property, best market knowledge and contacts to banks and insurance companies, which the buyer Optimal support in financing questions. With defined processes, you can be sure that nothing will be forgotten. I accompany you throughout the process, so you receive a carefree package with allround service and are on the safe side. "

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Thomas Treyer | RE/MAX Immobilien Brugg

"My ultimate goal as a RE/MAX Expert in every mediation is two satisfied parties; a satisfied seller and a satisfied buyer. As an experienced real estate service provider of many years I take over the whole sales process and relieve you completely."

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Thomas Treyer | RE/MAX Immopartners - Brugg RE/MAX
Urs Schubiger | RE/MAX Topimmo - Uster RE/MAX

Urs Schubiger | RE/MAX Immobilien Uster

"The enthusiasm for real estate has been with me for many years. After about 25 years as a notary patent holder and in leading positions in a bank and almost 10 years with RE/MAX, I know my way around all challenges in connection with buying and selling a property. An important request for me is to always make both sellers and buyers happy."

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Volker Nies | RE/MAX  Immobiliare Lugano

"«Success comes to those who do something while waiting for success.» Commitment, efficiency and good cooperation with my team and clients give me great pleasure in the daily brokerage of real estate and management of a successful team in a global network."

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Volker Nies | RE/MAX TRE - Lugano RE/MAX

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