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House of Real Estate

We bring people to the next level in their career and open up new prospects for the future.

We are a passionate team of allrounders and specialists, who are ready to do the hard yards and change the industry for the maximum benefit of the customer. Our work makes life far easier for RE/MAX partner businesses and helps them become some of the best in the sector.

We are responsible for developing the brand, as the owner of "RE/MAX" brand rights in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

  • Brand development both inside and outside the business.
  • Expanding and developing the partner network.
  • Training and development of our network partners.
  • Advising and coaching our network partners.
  • Software development, training and support.
  • Providing additional services.
Team RE/MAX Switzerland RE/MAX

RE/MAX Switzerland in VR

The RE/MAX leadership team:

Rainer Jöhl RE/MAX

Rainer Jöhl

CEO & Executive Manager Board of Directors

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Seraina Rampoldi RE/MAX

Seraina Rampoldi

CFO & Managing Director

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Alma Cilurzo RE/MAX

Alma Cilurzo

Social Media Expert / Trainer

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Lorena Beck RE/MAX

Lorena Beck

Brand Manager

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Esther Jöhl RE/MAX

Esther Jöhl

Event Manager

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Luis Rocha RE/MAX

Luis Rocha

Director Region Romandie

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Raphael Weber RE/MAX

Raphael Weber

Business Consultant

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Regardless of whether you are interested in real estate brokerage, RE/MAX in general, training with RE/MAX or managing an office, we are happy to help.