Rainer Jöhl

CEO & Executive Manager Board of Directors

Good leaders care about what is right and have great vision. It's about how it could be best. It's never about who's right. Good leaders create an inspiring environment and put people before money.

Rainer Jöhl is convinced that leaders must behave in a way that best serves humanity. Anything that does not benefit the greater good will not last in the long run. Leaders recognize what is right and put people's concerns first. A leader must be able to answer the "why" question. The "what" and "how" will reveal themselves once the people ("who") are found who follow the "why".

"Next Level" is the personal "Why" of Rainer Jöhl. He wants to show people that they are able to achieve extraordinary things with enough diligence and the willingness to leave the comfort zone.


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Your benefits with RE/MAX - take your business to the next level

The brand

People trust strong brands. The world-renowned RE/MAX brand has built up an immense trust advantage over the past decades. As a real estate agent, you can take advantage of this right from the start, for example by benefiting from our uniform brand presence.

Building Business

The floor plan for your success: In the franchise system of RE/MAX, build your own business or take it to the next level. And without unnecessary restrictions, because customer satisfaction needs RE/MAXimum entrepreneurial freedom.

The network

With RE/MAX you are not alone. Benefit from an international network of experience and actively use the vast knowledge to find the best possible market price for your sellers and the best possible buyers for the properties.

The tools

Full focus on your own strengths: With RE/MAX, you don't have to worry about the tools behind the brokerage processes. We offer you established processes and a wide range of tools to make your work even more productive and efficient. Your customers will appreciate it.

Why you should use this option

A non-binding consultation does not cost you any money - but can bring you a lot. Because RE/MAX is specialized in marketing real estate. So benefit from our detailed knowledge of the local real estate market and contact us.

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