Vision and mission

Happy with real estate

Owning a home is an important goal in life for many people, a part of personal happiness and success. RE/MAX is a part of this world, which can make happy, but does not always automatically make happy. Our vision is to help people find that piece of happiness in their lives.

Everybody wins

At RE/MAX we believe that everyone can win in the real estate business - sellers, buyers and all RE/MAX partners. We are able to understand all sides and bring the right people together. With RE/MAX everybody becomes a winner, because RE/MAX ...

  • finds the ideal buyers for sellers of real estate at the best possible price in the given marketing time;
  • supports buyers to acquire real estates at a fair price and to avoid bad purchases;
  • gives real estate agents the opportunity to build up and develop their own business according to their ideas.

Feel at home

RE/MAX offers with simple and clear contractual regulations to its customers maximum relief on success basis with the sales or purchase of their real estate. With RE/MAX, property owners or those who want to become property owners can feel at home.

Above the crowd

RE/MAX unites people who live the same values. Values are the invisible threads that hold us together at RE/MAX. We fight for and around our values and stand up for these shared values internally and externally. We do this with the conviction that shared values are important to make everyone feel safe and at home in the RE/MAX real estate world. At RE/MAX, everyone sees themselves as ambassadors and guardians of these values and as part of the RE/MAX image. This allows us to stand out from the average together and be "Above the crowd".

Our common values

  • People orientation
  • Personal responsibility
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership
  • Community of RE/MAX

This also corresponds to your ideas and convictions? Are you interested in working as a real estate agent? We will be happy to inform you about your career opportunities.

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