Our vision: happiness with real estate. © fizkes / stock.adobe.com

Our vision: happiness with real estate.

Owning their home is an important aim for many people in life and contributes to their personal happiness and success. RE/MAX is a part of this world that can – but doesn't always necessarily – make people happy. Our vision is to help people find this piece of happiness in their lives.

Everybody wins.

We at RE/MAX are convinced that everyone in the real estate business can win – sellers, buyers and all RE/MAX partners. We are in the position to understand all parties and to bring the right people together. Everybody wins with RE/MAX, as RE/MAX ...


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For sellers

finds the ideal buyers for sellers of real estate at the best possible price in the time allowed for marketing purposes;

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For buyers

helps buyers acquire real estate at a fair price and avoid bad buys;

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For agents

gives real estate agents the opportunity to set up and develop their own business according to their own wishes.

Feel at home.

With simple and clear contractual provisions, RE/MAX makes life as easy as possible for its customers when selling or buying their property on a payment-by-results basis. Real estate owners or prospective buyers can really feel at home with RE/MAX.

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Above the Crowd.

Above the Crowd.

RE/MAX unisce persone con gli stessi valori. I valori sono i fili invisibili che tengono uniti noi di RE/MAX. Noi combattiamo per i nostri valori comuni, impegnandoci internamente ed esternamente per difenderli. Lo facciamo con la convinzione che valori comuni siano la strada giusta affinché tutte le parti coinvolte nel mondo immobiliare RE/MAX si sentano al sicuro e come a casa propria. Alla RE/MAX tutti i considerano ambasciatori e custodi di tali valori e parte dell’immagine di RE/MAX. In questo modo riusciamo a distinguerci rispetto alla media e a essere «Above the crowd».

Our common values are

  • Focus on people

  • Individual responsibility

  • Professionalism

  • Leadership

  • Community of RE/MAX

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Regardless of whether you are interested in real estate brokerage, RE/MAX in general, training with RE/MAX or managing an office, we are happy to help.